The challenges which face modern

BA Business and Human Resource Management UGB 350 Exploring Equality and Diversity (2018-19) Assessment brief Individual Report (100%) Word count: 2500-3000 Introduction The challenges which face modern organizations in terms of managing diversity and exploring equality; this includes increasing awareness to ensure the values and ethics of corporate social responsibility. The purpose of this assessment is to give the student the opportunity to conduct research and prepare a report on creating diversity awareness program in an organization. Employee Awareness Campaign The use of employee awareness campaigns is common with organizations as a method of communicating the vision, values and the strategic in relation to managing diversity and equality. You are required to design and demonstrate an employee awareness campaign on one of the following; Increasing awareness on how discrimination can occur in the areas of pay and benefits at the workplace Increasing awareness around Race and the potential for cultural diversity Increasing awareness of the potential issues if there are glass ceilings and sticky floors for women in the workplace Exploring the labyrinth and or preference theory for women as potential leaders. Increasing awareness of the potential issues on Sexual Harassment for employees in the workplace Increasing awareness on Transgender transition and acceptance Increasing awareness on Sexuality and Sexual Identity Increasing awareness on Religious expression for all Increasing awareness around Race and Ethnicity and the potential for cultural diversity Your report should include: 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction 3. A policy statement on any one of the employee awareness issues stated above for an organisation. 4. A report on how to create an effective employee awareness campaign on any one of the issues stated above. 5. Conclusion ; Submission Information Students are required to submit their assignments through JIRA. Only assessments submitted through JIRA will be marked. Any other submission including submission to your study centre in hard copy will be treated as a non-submission. If your centre supports Turnitin, a copy of your Turnitin originality report must be submitted in conjunction with your assignment. In the case of you not able to submit the assessment on time you can request a 72 hour extension if you have mitigating circumstances you can request this through the Module Leader. If you do not meet this then you will have to go through the University of Sunderland Fit to Sit policy. In the case of a deferral then you submit this assessment and this will be graded the grade will remain as initially awarded. In the case of a referral you will be required to complete corrections to the assessment in line with the feedback provided and then re-submit, please note for referrals your grade will be capped at 40%. For this assessment the University of Sunderland Undergraduate Criteria will be applied.

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