The color revolutions of

The color revolutions of the

The color revolutions of the 21st century in Serbia, Georgia, and Ukraine have resulted in democratic breakthroughs. The opposition movements in these countries mobilized and succeeded in overthrowing the corrupt semi-authoritarian regimes. Why were these revolutions successful, while other attempts of challenging the ruling elites failed? How do different authors (approaches) explain the success of color revolutions? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches? Which ingredients do you believe to be decisive for successful outcomes? Be attentive to arguments made by the authors assigned for Module-4, as they frequently emphasize the importance of more than one explanatory factor in their approaches. Keep in mind that this question is about the explanationof successful color revolutions in Eastern ******opean countries rather than about the description of events. Be concise if you need to describe the events in a particular country and keep your focus on how to explain color revolutions.

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