The conclusion to your

The conclusion to your essay will be a summary of the key

The conclusion to your essay will be a summary of the key points you made and the core message which you want to make. To form it here are some suggestions of the kinds of sentences one might expect to see: This essay has discussed .. This essay has argued that It has shown that Although there is a view that as we have seen Although (someone) has suggested that Not only but also The examples in the story have illustrated through the examples, it can be seen that Barriers and enablers to participation effect on health and wellbeing Therefore it is fair to suggest that Therefore it is important to understand Therefore (this) should happen It is therefore Therefore Once you have written your conclusion, you then form your argument a scaffold of the points you have to make to end up there. Your introduction will give an indication of what the reader can expect (DONT use the introduction to re-tell your story) and will mirror the conclusion a bit. This essay is based on the story of This essay will focus on It will argue that Through using examples from the story and with reference to relevant literature, it will demonstrate that . Barriers and enablers to participation and the effect on health and wellbeing.

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