The eight unit managers

The eight unit managers met with the Division Head to review the demand for services in

Referencing Styles : Not Selected The eight unit managers met with the Division Head to review the demand for services in order to prepare the submission for funding for the next financial year. As usual there was an increase in clients identified by the Case Workers and limited opportunities for increased funding. Each manager had to put their units case and then the group would have to work out the priorities. The scheduled meeting had been deferred twice and now, at 3.00 p.m. a week before the deadline, the parties were together in the basement room. No one was expecting to leave on time today and the Division head was a Shaper, driving the task to completion with as few breaks as possible. Its going to be a marathon session, thought Paula as she wondered whether she would be able to get out to get some food before her diabetes caused problems. Lennie clutched his sheaf of case notes, wondering if he could get a word in early enough to make his points before he had to leave to collect the kids from childcare. If the meeting had run as scheduled he wouldnt be under this pressure because he arranged for one of the other parents to collect them. Maris looked around the long narrow table as she entered trying to work out where she could position herself to best influence the head and the other key players. The room was already stuffy and wouldnt get more comfortable as the evening wore on. At least she had some water in her drink bottle. As the room filled up and piles of paper supporting the presentations, were dumped on the table and behind chairs. Grading will be based on your understanding of Occupational Health and Safety and Equity principles, use of range of information sources and development of effective and innovative solutions, and managers responsibilities for professional behaviour. Length and Presentation: 1500 words maximum Criteria by which your assignment will be marked: Demonstrated understanding of management responsibilities in an organisation. Demonstrate effective and innovative solutions to OH&S, equity, and meeting issues. Demonstrated ability to transfer or apply concepts covered in the course to this topic. Quality of writing.

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