The issue of sustainability

The issue of sustainability is fundamentally one of scarcity or damage of resource

Sustainability The issue of sustainability is fundamentally one of scarcity or damage of resource, whether it is at present or at some point in the future. Sustainability relate to manifest as reduction or disappearance of resource, decrease in the quality of resource, damaging the resources knowingly or accidently for short term benefit or as a lack of understanding the interrelationship between resources. Previously, the size of the population was significantly less, the loss of resources was not experienced, the alternative source of limited resources was re-located, or resources were able to regenerate naturally. But recently, due to limited resources and disturbance in the natural generation cycle have directed to various negative impact on wellbeing of human, malnutrition and poverty and disruptions in social system [ CITATION And14 l 1033 ]. Sustainable model Sustainable development is essentially a social project concentring on impartial development to fulfil the needs of human while still considering that the conservation of natural resources is required to satisfy these necessities [ CITATION And14 l 1033 ]. Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. There are few sustainable development models, but this report is going to focus on the three nested dependencies model as it is more suitable to the context of our topic. Fig: Three nested dependencies model [ CITATION Mar14 l 1033 ] Sustainability is often considered as consisting of three distinct dimensions environment, society and economy. The development of humans is essentially connected to the society and that almost every activity of humans is dependent on and have an impact on the environment. Besides, the economy can be distinguished as a subset of society; the generation and trade of goods and improvements in industry, business and innovation are for the most part situated in social interactions. The three nested dependencies model propose a hierarchical model comprising of three nested circles with rotational symmetry. This illustration is a more suitable representation [ CITATION Moi12 l 1033 ]. The relationship between economy, society and environment is represented in this model as a concentric oval with one oval surrounding the other oval [ CITATION And14 l 1033 ]. In this model, despite economy being in the centre of the model, it is a subset of society and both these rotational symmetries are circumscribed by and utterly depend upon the natural environment. However, the society can still exist in some setting or some scales without economy and the environment can still exist in absence of society [ CITATION Moi12 l 1033 ]. Out of all the sustainability issues faced by the USA, climate change is one of the major issue as it is affecting all dimensions of sustainability [ CITATION Sun12 l 1033 ]. As globalisation has created a global market where geographical boundaries do not limit one country to procure the resources that are not found in that country, it has also created an economic connection between countries engaged in trade. There is a direct relation between the increase and decrease in the economy of both countries who are engaged in a business relation. For example: The sandstorm in Midwest can heavily impact on the economy of USA. Thus, climate change can directly or indirectly impact a country. References Kim, S., 2012. Sustainability issues among top 10 global concerns. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 16 05 2018]. Moir, S. & Carter, K., 2012. Diagrammatic Representations of Sustainability, Edinburgh: s.n. Smith, M., 2014. Modern Ape. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 15 05 2018]. Thatcher, A., 2014. Theoretical definations and models of sustainable developent that apply to human factors and ergonomics, Johannesburg: s.n.

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