The laboratory report must include a

Lab Report Instructor Overview Word Limit: 2000 words, not including title and reference section. In this assessment, you will write a laboratory report based on the data. The laboratory report must include a Title, an Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and References section. The lab report topic will be relating sleep quantity to cognitive performance. There will be TWO IVs: Sleep quantity over the last 7 days Sleep quantity from the last 24 hours The DV will be performance on a measure of cognitive performance. (Memory Span). The results will simply be two correlations: one relating total quantity over the last 7 days with performance (to give us an indication of the effect of an accumulated sleep debt on performance), and the other relating only the quantity from the last 24 hours. Students will need to come up with their own hypotheses, and specific wording of their hypotheses. Essentially, we will predict a significant positive correlation between cognitive performance (as measured by the digit span task) and sleep quantity, over both the last 7 days as well as the last 24 hours. The results collected from the onshore cohort at Murdoch Campus was significant for sleep over the last 7 days, but not for sleep from the last 24 hours. There are a number of uncontrolled variables that students can think about that contribute to the lack of relationship between sleep the night before and memory. Specifically: time of class (some AM, some PM) circadian type (see Morningness/Eveningness tute activity) compensatory behaviours e.g., caffeine intake health, emotions, daily stressors Assessment Criteria Abstract Provides clear and sufficiently detailed overview of rationale, methods and findings. But a fluent explanation of rationale, methods and findings. No irrelevant information. Introduction An excellent argument is built up through review and critique of relevant literature. In addition (to a good argument is built up through a review and critique of relevant literature, theories and empirical studies. Hypotheses are connected to, and flow from, literature reviewed), rationale for importance of the research is made which demonstrates firstrate understanding of the topic and area. Method Method is described excellently in all respects; includes all the relevant information including psychometrics, examples of items and where they are adapted from (if relevant). Results Analysis described well with reference to relevant descriptive and inferential statistics. Appropriate use of APA tables and/or figures. Demonstrates understanding of what findings mean. But also demonstrates higher level understanding by identifying relevant findings (e.g., linking to hypotheses/research question, but without engaging in discussion). Discussion Very good summary of findings, implications, analysis of relevant limitations and future directions. Findings are discussed in light of literature reviewed in introduction; explanations. But offers original or innovative explanations for findings. Links findings to research and / or real world phenomena in creative (but reasonable) ways. APA and Referencing Clear familiarity with the format. All sources cited and referenced correctly; main formatting guidelines observed. But impeccable APA referencing and formatting (even in minutiae). Expression Writing is fluent and easy to read. Language is clear and grammatical. If big words are used they are in context. But showing a superior command of language. Structure Arguments and analysis are presented logically. The reader is not required to jump backward and forwards. Arguments are both logical and compelling. Introduction matches method, matches results, matches the discussion.

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