The medical aesthetics industry is

COMPANY NAME: I-FACE OPPORTUNITY In the Cosmetics Industry from 2014-2018, North Americans have spent over $45 billion on cosmetic procedures! The medical aesthetics industry is a high growth industry. Over the past ten years, procedures have generated a tremendous amount of revenue, creating jobs and substantial business opportunities. Over the past year alone, the medical aesthetics industry increased by $1.5 billion! The concept of medical aesthetics moving into new markets is fueling the fire of this business boom. Medical aesthetic treatments are non-invasive and are performed not only in medical spas and doctors offices, but also gyms, OBGYN offices, hair salons, and dentist offices. OBJECTIVES Our company will establish itself as a leader in the interactive software application for the medical Esthetics, Consumer beauty products and dermatology space. IFACE will enable the medical professional to assess, analyze and recommend appropriate treatments and home care regimens for each patient. Increasing client loyalty, clinic sales and treatment therapies. On the consumer retail side, IFACE will develop and increase consumer satisfaction, client loyalty, product recommendations on an individual basis increasing product sales and revenues for big box stores. The exciting advancements of this 70Billion dollar industry has prompted me and my Team to create an interactive beauty consultant. However the gap in our industry results from lack of confidence, education, time and product knowledge. IFACE would fill this space, allowing a patient to take the time to source their product recommendations, freeing up clinicians time. OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICE The patient and consumer consultation is the most important factor in our business. This is the crucial step in securing your client/consumer business and sale. Identifying clients needs, concerns and helping them choose the best products personalized to their specific skin type and condition. IFACE interactive application will identify your client face, assess skin type, current skin condition and colour wheel spectrum. Your client will then be equipped with the necessary tools to choose the appropriate skin care products, hair care products and make up colours according to their color wheel and skin type. IFACE will store client file and product selections each time he/she signs in to the application. It will also send notifications and reminders when they are low on product and make recommendations to reorder and or change product line up. They will get notifications when their favourite products are on promotion. IFACE gives you the opportunity to increase product sales, ensure all consumers are being served and consulted. Especially for busy big box cosmetic stores where only 1-2 beauty consultants are on staff. IFACE will show high resolution photo analysis of dry skin, oily skin, reactive skin types, sun damage, wrinkle depth and dehydration. The application will ask specific questions relating to sensitivity, allergies and life habits, truly building a personal experience! The touch screen application will allow your patient to have all recommendations at his/her finger tips. This system is a multi-functional application with a beautiful interface design. It contains eight analysis modules which are available to analyze the changes of skin moisture, oil, tone, pore and skin biological and chronological age (also called skin resilience and flexibility). Unlike any of our competitors in which they have a large photo mirror, not so practical for many clinics and retail outlets. IFACE is an application you can install on any IPad, Laptop or Kiosk, that is user friendly. Simple and convenient operation, consumer data base and can be accessed anywhere. Compares current photos with past historical pictures to show areas of improvement. Electronically sends the client a report of their visit and product recommendations from IFACE. IFACE is your personalized Beauty Boutique expert

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