The premise of this case study is

Page | 1 Final Project: (Assignment 4) Developing a Customer Service Strategy Class: Selling & the Customer Experience Instructor: Brenda Stanton Grade: 25% of Course Grade Due: December 7th Completion: Groups PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT: The premise of this case study is for learners to develop an EFFECTIVE, REALISTIC customer service strategy for a fictitious company, using all the elements/steps as presented in the course material on this subject. The overall purpose is to enhance learners understanding of how difficult and complex implementing an effective customer service strategy within a company/organization can be. In addition, through the analysis the learner will comprehend the importance of having such a strategy. FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS: The company chosen can also be based on a real life company the learner researched/work(ed) for/are familiar with. If you chose an existing company ensure you add your own analysis and suggestions to their existing customer service strategy (if there is one). It is strongly suggested to choose a small company to keep this assignment manageable (ie. Coffee shop, printing shop, retail store, drug store, etc). The company must have a minimum of five employees. The company selection must be made prior to November 15th to ensure each group has a different type of company. TASK: DEVELOP a Customer Service strategy fully documenting EACH of the following SECTIONS: 1. Detail the company you wish to use/ for this case study. Ensure the business has a strong service component. Provide information on the business, including but not limited to the following information (5 marks) a. Name and type of company b. Core business c. Products or services offered d. Location(s) e. # of employees f. Any history on the company g. Other pertinent information on company Page | 2 When completing this section you need to provide enough information for the instructor to fully understand the business involved. 2. Define and propose your primary and any significant secondary target customer markets? 3. Assess and describe your customers 1 PRIMARY expectation from your company and 4 additional SECONDARY expectations from your company. 4. Develop a Mission Statement for your company ensuring it is written from the point of view of the customer using the elements of an effective mission statement discussed in class. a. If using the mission statement of an existing companyquote it-reference it and evaluate why you believe it is effective or ineffective. If ineffective propose a new mission statement. 5. Develop and list a minimum five Organizational Values for your company/business. Consider having values that represent the customers, employees, community, environment and other stakeholders as applicable. 6. Develop 10 appropriate Customer Service Standards for your company. Remember customer service standards are the minimum level of service you expect from your employees. Ensure you incorporate elements of the SMART format for writing Customer Service Standards 7. Propose the methods that will be used to communicate the mission statement to customers and to employees. Plus the methods that will be used to communicate and reinforce the Customer Service Standards to all employees. 8. Formulate relevant and applicable methods that will be employed to MOTIVATE staff to deliver exceptional customer service and propose methods that will be used to EMPOWER staff to effectively serve customers and resolve customer issues. 9. Construct a minimum of 3 (three) formal reward programs and 7 (seven) informal reward programs to be instituted to reward and recognize and encourage exceptional levels of employee performance in regards to customer service. Ensure these are realistic from a cost and implementation point of view for this type of company. 10. Formulate the type of Customer Service training programs that would be effective for this company. Detail the type of training to be completed and how the training would be delivered. Again ensure they are realistic from an implementation and cost point of view. Page | 3 11. Propose appropriate measures/methods to obtain feedback from employees or customers or other methods to determine if customer service standards are being met and if customer satisfaction and excellence is being met/obtained. 12. Create one method to obtain customer feedback (for #11) and attach copy with you assignment. This may include a customer comment card, an online survey with questions or a telephone scripted survey. 13. Propose the methods to be implemented for a detailed Customer Retention program. This would include: a. Methods to keep customers loyal and involved/aware with/of your company b. The use of a CRM system within the company and what data would be captured and how c. A customer service recovery program to allow customers to voice complaints easily, the process to follow if a complaint is filed and the steps to be taken when a complaint is lodged 14. Explain what changes in the future could impact your customer service program or the delivery of customer service for your company. 15. Develop either an internal customer service logo or an internal customer service motto for your company. This would be for internal use only to keep employees aware of the importance of customer service excellence. 16. Create a short code of ethics for selling and customer service in your business, providing at least 5 points that employees must follow to be in compliance with your businesses values and ethics. 17. Presentation a. This is not an in-class presentation b. Layout and ease of reading your report i. Consider having sections, headings, a few graphics, etc c. The depth, complexity and critical thought of your analysis d. Evidence of going above and beyond This case study is worth 25% of your gradeas such a comprehensive, well thought out report written in APA format is expected. It is anticipated the report would be at least 10 pages in length.

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