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HRMT 160 Training & Development Fall 2018 Needs Analysis Assignment (10%) DUE: Thursday October 11, 2018 (In class) The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a needs analysis for The Peoples Credit Union, an Edmonton based credit union with 700 employees throughout Alberta (40 of which are employed in their call centre as customer service agents). While the Credit Union prides itself on providing a high level of customer service both in branch and over the phone to its customers, the company has recently received numerous complaints about its customer service agents in their call centre. Specifically, customers are reporting that the agents are rude, not helpful, and are not able to answer many of the questions the customers have about their daily banking needs. Currently, the customer service agents are given a day orientation to the organization upon hire and then are placed in a buddy system with an existing agent for 1 week but are not provided with any other training or development activities. This approach to training & development does not seem to be turning out the exceptional customer service agents that the Credit Union wants. In fact, the Credit Union has realized that their Training & Development strategy overall is sub-optimal and needs your teams help to re-align their strategy with their organizational goal of providing exceptional customer service. As a first step, your team is required to conduct a needs analysis, with your output taking the form of a written report (maximum 7 pages double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman), to be provided to the Manager of Human Resources at the Peoples Credit Union that contains responses to the following: What is/are the gap(s) between the current state and the desired state? Is training the answer to address the gap(s)? What steps would you take at each level of analysis to determine whether a gap exists and how to best close it? o Organizational Analysis o Task Analysis o Person Analysis What, if any, obstacles might your team encounter to conducting a thorough needs analysis? HRMT 160 Training & Development Fall 2018 Additional Information The Credit Union has also provided some additional information regarding the general work conditions of the call centre customer service agents. The agents generally work 22.5 hours (part time) to 37.5 hours (full time) per week on rotating 7.5 hour shifts to cover the call centres extended hours (9am 9pm seven days per week) and receive 2 weeks vacation per year. The educational requirement for this position is completion of a high school diploma. While the Credit Union prefers to hire candidates with previous customer service experience, they are not always able to find candidates who have such experience. The turnover rate for the position has been high, with only 15 of the current 40 agents having been with the organization for more than 2 years. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the organization, where turnover is low, and most of the new employees are added during periods of organizational growth.

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