The purpose of this assignment is to

Overview The purpose of this assignment is to objectively analyse your implementation of Assignment 2, discuss the techniques and technologies used. After discussing the implementation of your work you will consider and demonstrate how the same or similar implementation would be achieved in an alternate web development framework. Part A The first part of the assignment is to provide a detailed review of the Single Page Application (SPA) implementation and structure of Assignment Two. This should be an expanded explanation, above that provided with assignment two, of the structures and functions used for your implementation. You should cover each of the files within your assignment and detail the elements, attributes and functions. This should include the specific function operation within script files and how these functions are actioned from within HTML / CSS elements or attributes. Importantly this review should focus on the functional operation of your application. This work should not consider design elements beyond how they are functionally actioned within the SPA framework. Essentially this work should both discuss, and more importantly justify, the decisions made in the creation of your application. Part B Following the revision of your own work you should research and discuss the implementation of the same ideas and concepts in an Apache MySQL PHP PERL (AMPP) stack. In this environment the primary server side language is PHP, running in an Apache server environment and using MySQL as the primary database storage medium. Note that this is not a full blown re-implementation. The work should focus on the technical and framework differences between the two environments. However, the work should contain code snippets for relevant sections where changes would be required. Submission Note that this work should still follow standard guidelines for written reports and web sites used as resources should be referenced and trustworthy. The final report should be between 1500 and 2000 words, submitted in .pdf format through FLO. Submissions are due by the 1st of November.

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