The purpose of this assignment is to develop

ACCG 925 Auditing and Assurancesion 1, 2018 Individual Assignment (Worth 30% of total assessment)

The purpose of this assignment is to develop your appreciation of the importance of research in informing audit practice and to develop your ability toise, critically examine and evaluate relevant professional and academic literatures in informing and justifying your discussion on topical audit issues(s). The assignment also aims to develop and to facilitate an orientation to lifelong learning, and the transfer of knowledge and from the course into the professional workplace. This assessment is an individual task. The Assignment topic is as follows: In August of 2011, the PCAOB issued the Concept Release to generate public opinion on efficient and effective vehicles for improvement in the independence relationship between auditor and client (PCAOB 2011). Through the release, the PCAOB requested comment onhip between auditor and client viations related to audit firm rotation, as well as viable alternatives to audit firm rotation., L. T., & Wilder, W. M. (2016). Audit Firm Perspective on Audit Firm Rotation and Enhancing Independence: Evidence from PCAOB Comment Letters. Current Issues in Auditing, 11(1), A22-A44. Required: Based on relevant academic research and professional evidence to date, briefly outline and explain the key changes to audit firm rotation and alternativetions to improve auditor independence. Explain the reasons/motivation for the changes and critique whether these changes are likely to achieve their aim/s. Outline the likely impact of the audit firm rotation on auditor independence. Requirements,sion and formatting You need tosignment due date/time of 4pm on Monday 30 April (Week 8). Yoursion must meet the following requirements: Use the assignment template available on iLearn.

Note: No introduction or conclusion is required. Minimum number of academic references “ The use of at least 5 recent (since 2010) publications related to auditor independence “ these publications must be appropriately used and referenced. Length “ Maximum 1000 words (max 5 pages including reference list). Fontt be 12 with double lineing Times New Roman. sion “ Eachhould make only onesion electronically via the Turnitin link on iLearn. The assignmenttate yourt names, and the name of your well as yoursignment coversheet). The marking rubric used to grade the assignment is available on iLearn. File name format forsion: yourt name_ACCG925 individual assignment Penalties who have notsignment prior to the deadline will receive a late penalty except for cases in which an application forideration is made and approved.

Assignments not received at this time will result in a penalty of 10% of the total awarded marks per 24 hour period or part thereof that thesion is late. For example, 25 hours late will incur a 20% late penalty. Assignments will not be accepted later than 72 hours after the due date and time except for cases in which an application forideration is made and approved. who exceed the word limit of 1000 words or do not use fontpacing will be penalized. Incorrectsions (e.g.ion/assignment for a different unit, etc.) will also be awarded a mark of zero (0). It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit the correct file.

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