[The scope statement is an agreed overview

Scope statement [The scope statement is an agreed overview of the project according to key stakeholders. It relates the project to the business objectives and outlines anticipated outcomes.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Executive summary [The executive summary summarises the business case for the project.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Business objectives [The business objectives outline the business need/opportunity/objectives; the solution to business need/opportunity/objectives and the key deliverables.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Project description [The project description outlines any assumptions related to the project such as what it includes and doesnt include, potential risks and impacts, anticipated outcomes, success measures and critical success factors.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Roles and project stakeholders [This defines the key project roles and responsibilities.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Time line [This section outlines the projects time line.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Legislative requirements [This section outlines any legislation that needs to be complied with, with regard to this project.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Resources required [This section outlines the resources required for the project.] Personnel resource required Other resources required Budget assumptions [If you are unsure of the cost of an expense place TBA in the current forecast field.] Expense Current forecast Reporting requirements [This section outlines the projects time line.] [ENTER YOUR RESPONSE HERE] Authorities [This section sets out who has authority to approve scope statement, authorise project changes, approve and accept project deliverables.] The scope statement will be approved by: Project changes will be approved by: Project deliverables will be approved/accepted by:

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