The students at Brown

The students at Brown Coal Primary School have recently experienced a traumatic

Referencing Styles : APA Analysis of the Scenario (Team task) The students at Brown Coal Primary School have recently experienced a traumatic event in the community. The primary school was closed for ten days due to an open cut coal mine fire. This has been a point of discussion for members of the community and the school community. As the students and staff return to the school, there has been a mix of emotions in response to the fire. To support the students through this difficult time, the principal proposed that the students explore the cause and effects of the fire from a scientific perspective. The grade two teachers have different perspectives to deliver the understanding of the coal fire and work through the students emotions. Mr. Benjamin would like to address this issue by inviting a firefighter to speak to the students. Ms Newcombe would prefer an alternative approach, centered around the students wellbeing. The school principal would like to pursue a traditional approach, a science project to explain the cause and effects of the fire. The principal as an authority figure is difficult for the teachers to negotiate with, because of the position of power the school principal has. A potential issue with the science project is that it may neglect the students needs at a time where their emotions and thoughts need attending to. A science project is not an integrated educational approach, and only focuses on one topic and is not reflective of twenty first century education. This approach is teacher directed. The two grade two teachers have similar approaches in mind, with the students needs a priority. The principal has not addressed the students about how they would like to explore the incident, or what their main concerns are. The principals approach does not give the students the opportunity to express their emotions. It may also be seen as insensitive as some students may not want to talk about fire as a result of the traumatic open cut coal mine fire incident. Mr Benjamins approach of inviting Jim the firefighter to his grade two class to talk about how to put out the fire, and then the students to write a story about it is also a traditional approach. This approach is more appropriate than the principals, as it will give the students an opportunity to speak to the firefighter about the event. However, Mr. Benjamin has not directly addressed the main concern which is the students emotional wellbeing. The scenario did not specify the nature of the talk Jim the firefighter would have with the students. If it was a discussion with all students involved, this would be a beneficial activity for the students. However, if it were only Jim giving the students information with little engagement from the students than this would not promote critical or creative thinking. Mr. Benjamin did not ask the students about their needs in response to the traumatic event. Mr. Benjamins approach is teacher directed and controlled by him rather than allowing the students to have a say in their education. Ms Newcombe has a twenty first century perspective in her approach to education. Ms. Newcombe wants to implement a different lesson plan with the students, one that is centred on the students wellbeing and learning about the event. This approach is sensitive to the students emotions and makes their needs a priority. The event can be explored through a multitude of methods, rather than being purely science based. This will benefit the students because the event can be explored through multiple perspectives and will give them a broad vision of the event. 2. Examination of new practices, partnerships and technologies for teaching and learning

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