The student(s) will research and prepare

Centennial College School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Term Assignment Food Theory Term Assignment: Menu Development and Planning Learning Objective The student(s) will research and prepare two selected menus using word processing software. Both menus (1 and 2) will be based on criteria as stated in Part A of the assignment. Then prepare a brief report for both menus (1 and 2) detailing the information as required in Part B. Through research and independent study, the student will apply critical thinking skills, gain a better understanding of contemporary menus, menu trends and sustainable principles for the Canadian Foodservice Industry. In addition to, completing the menu using word processing skills, the student will gain the necessary word processing computer skills used in todays foodservice environment. Part A: Student(s) will create the following 2 menus: 1. Three course Prix Fixe menu that offers a choice of 2 appetizers, 2 entres (to include a protein with accompanying sauce, vegetable, starch and 2 desserts). The Menu should be appropriate for dinner service. The menu suggestions are to be ethnocentric in character. Choose one ethnic cuisine using its ingredients, flavours and ensure menu suggestions are representative of the selected ethnicity. 2. Four course Table dHte menu which will include salad, soup or appetizer, protein, vegetable, starch and dessert. The protein is to be a sustainable fresh water fish or seafood from Ontario. The ingredients should utilize local Ontario produce and products. The sustainable fish and seafood list can be found in the content section for this course. This menu will be designed as a table dhtel luncheon menu. The menu must incorporate a variety of cooking methodologies and applied skill sets. Part B: Student(s) to complete the following: The student(s) will prepare a brief summary report (500 words) explaining the planning principles (8 principles) considered in planning for menu 1 and 2. The reports detailed summary must include an explanation of each of the following principles: 1. Style of menu 2. Food availability 3. Equipment 4. Expense level 5. Atmosphere 6. Labour Skill Proficiency 7. Customer makeup 8. Type of service Guidelines to Complete the Assignment The menu is to be completed using word processing software. The menu is to be presented in electronic format submitted to assignments folder in eCentennial by week 11 of the course. No late submissions will be accepted. The menu will be free of grammatical errors, spelling errors and make use of the correct culinary terminology as instructed in the classroom. The student(s) will submit a menu based on the menu criteria as stated in Part A. The menu should be confirmed with the instructor prior to commencing research. The menus will be designed using menu principles as learned in the classroom. Menu selections will complement one another in flavour, texture, colour, and aroma and feature a number of different cooking methodologies. Due Date of Assignment: Assignment is due during class of Week 11 of the course to be submitted to eCentennials assignment folder. No late submissions will be accepted. Assignment Hand in Checklist The student(s) will hand in their assignment ensuring the following details have been included: The menus 1 and 2 prepared according to the criteria as specified in Part A and B. The menus detailed report summary consisting of explanation of the eight menu planning characteristics. Any other supporting material such as bibliography or sources etc., as required to support the menu and detailed report summary.

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