The study describes declination

The study describes declination

Research Proposal to improve AUSTRALIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Project Objective 4 3. Project Scope 4 4. Literature Review 4 Conclusion 4 References 6 Appendix 9 Introduction The study describes declination of automobile industry in Australia. The study has analyzed different factors and reasons that are responsible for closing and declination of the automobile industry. The study has provided the recommended strategies that can help in the improvement of automobile industry in Australia. The project determines different factors and challenges that are faced by automobile industry in Australia. The major reason is lack of technology innovation and skilled labor in automobile industry. Old technology is still used and demand of costumer has increased. The demand of costumer has increased that is related to luxury and technology. This has caused decreased sale of automobile in Australia. Government is also responsible for declining automobile industry because other industries are opened in the place of automobile industry. 2. Project Objective To recommend effective strategies to combat challenges in order to develop the Australian Automobile industry 3. Project Scope The project has been done for determining the factors that are responsible for decline of Australian Automobile Industry. In addition to this, it also proposes how changing the strategies would help to escalates Australian Automobile Industry growth. 4. Literature Review The study describes the factors that are responsible for the decline of automobile industry in Australia. Domestic market in Australia has closed that has created a negative impact on supply chain. The wholesale of vehicle has increased the demand for vehicle. Component manufacturers and contractors need to have great relation while retailer has medium barrier in the automobile industry of Australia. Many automobiles have been closed for the last few decades because of a lack of suppliers. Industries are closed because of refusal of government that has come for rescuing country and automobile maker. This has increased the cost of production and value of money is also high in Australia. Technology challenges and lack of skilled labor are the major problem for automobile industry in Australia. Technology has grown but old technology is used in vehicle by the manufacturers. Demand of customer has also increased with demand for new technology. The vehicle has become more complex and also provides an operational instruction. Lack of skilled labor can result in incomplete task. Robots have replaced human can use various techniques for manufacturing. 5. Research Questions/Hypothesis Primary Question (only one question) How to improve Australian Automobile Industry by providing effective strategies? 6. Research Design and Methodology Qualitative research (Students should propose the Process of the Qualitative Research (Main Steps), Compare different research papers to improve Automobile Industry of Australia and suggest your method to improve the same) 7. Research Limitations 8. Time Schedule (Research plan) 9. Conclusion 10. Reference List 11. Appendix NOTE: Students are not with requirements to collect and analyses data

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