the type of research assigned (interview,

The Topic is Relation between Collectivism/Individualism and employee performance in a diverse environment i need to do a survey in a company to check this hypothesis and i need the the rest of the job (abstract/intro/literature review/methods/help with the questionnaire design) the rest i will do myself (data collection/analysis/conclusion and recommendation) CONDUCTING RESEARCH AND WRITING A REPORT Based on the type of research assigned (interview, focus group or a survey) you will conduct a research and prepare the report. Your research will include: literature research, data collection, data analysis, and writing up a report. Every report will follow the following outline: 1. Cover Page in APA style 2. Abstract (300-500 words) 3. Introduction and Literature review (an outline of current trends and developments in global business, related to the topic of your research) (3 pages) 4. Methods and sampling (1/2 page) 5. Results (depending on a group) 6. Conclusion and Recommendations (2 pages) 7. Appendix (will be different depending on group) 8. Your comments and reflections on this project individual feedback on what have you learned each group member should provide one page of reflection While preparing the report please refer to report examples for qualitative and quantitative analysis posted on the portal. For detailed guidelines related to conducting qualitative and quantitative research, please refer to detailed guidelines posted on the portal.

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