The work you submit will be

FMA 2016 Assignment: People performance 1 Assignment: People performance The work you submit will be assessed to determine whether you have achieved a competent result in the unit you have submitted, the results of this assessment will be provided to you. Assessment tasks Assessment tasks are indicated by this icon. All assessment tasks must be submitted in order to successfully complete the assignment. What do I have to do? To achieve competence in this unit you will need to demonstrate the required level of skills and knowledge for each of the elements involved in managing people performance. The elements are: Allocate work Assess performance Provide feedback Manage follow-up The required skills you will need to demonstrate are: communication skills to articulate expected standards of performance, to provide effective feedback and to coach staff who need development risk management skills to analyse, identify and develop mitigation strategies for identified risks planning and organisation skills to ensure a planned and objective approach to the performance management system You will also need to demonstrate a knowledge of: relevant legislation from all levels of government that affects business operation, especially in regard to occupational health and safety and environmental issues, equal opportunity, industrial relations and antidiscrimination relevant awards and certified agreements performance measurement systems utilised within the organisation FMA 2016 2 Assignment: People performance unlawful dismissal rules and due process staff development options and information. FMA 2016 Assignment: People performance 3 Assessment tasks In this Assignment there are three assessment tasks. Assessment task 1 Identify a task or work request, to be completed by a contractor or facility employee under your leadership and scope of responsibility, for example, the inspection, testing and tagging of electrical leads and appliances in the facility. Develop an action plan for your chosen task or work request. Your action plan must document the relevant individuals you have consulted with to achieve the outcomes. Include a list of resources which are available to ensure a successful outcome. Fill in the fields of the table below in relation to your work request. A template is available on the online site. Action plan example Objective or goal Test and tag electrical leads and appliances What How Who When Benefits Responsibility Steps or phases Method of achievement Resources and support Timeline Expected outcome Who is responsible Step 1 Step 2 List in dot point your method for allocating responsibility to the task. Document how your choice of staff is aligned with the organisations strategic plans. Document methods you will use to confirm performance standards and code of conduct. Document methods you will use to develop and confirm KPIs with the appointed staff. Conduct a risk assessment of the work request. FMA 2016 4 Assignment: People performance Assessment task 2 In this task, you are required to develop a performance appraisal strategy and then apply your knowledge to a scenario. Develop a checklist in a table which will outline the key elements a performance management process should address. Include a range of templates or a portfolio of evidence you use which facilitate the process. As a minimum, must include the following: Documented policy and procedure for performance management Performance appraisal templates or documents which align with the organisations performance management system Position descriptions aligned directly with appraisal template Evidence of how you have provided informal feedback Evidence of how you have provided formal feedback Goal setting templates for the next appraisal period Training and development process Letters to arrange appraisal meeting Templates for reviews following poor performance An agenda of appraisal meeting. Scenario For the following scenario, explain in detail the steps you would take to manage this poor performance: Bob, one of your direct reports, is a long-term employee (22 years) who works as a shift manager responsible for 12 staff. He has always been reliable and effective until issues that started about 12 months ago. Three times in the last four months Bob has arrived more than 30 minutes late to work, once he was over an hour late. Yesterday at lunch you thought, but could not be absolutely sure, that you smelt alcohol on his breathe. His on-time and meticulous monthly reports have in the last few months been late and full of spelling and grammatical errors. FMA 2016 Assignment: People performance 5 Assessment task 3 In this task you are required to develop strategies and plans in accordance with organisational procedures for the following scenarios: Reward and recognition Poor performance Sanction and discipline Termination With each scenario, document the steps you would take and provide evidence of templates, processes and assistance you have used to address the scenarios and methods you have used to offer support to the individual for each scenario.

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