There were some clients who want

Stakeholder Analysis (Project=To make financial rewards within 2 to 5 years while keeping the safe environment.) Stakeholder Name Impact : How much does the project impact them? (Low-Medium-High) Influence : How much influence do they have over the project? (Low-Medium-High) What is important to stakeholder How could stakeholder contribute to project How could stakeholder block the project Strategy for engaging stakeholder Clients There were some clients who want to be an angel investor to keep the LCA. Moreover, clients can help LCA to maximize the revenue by simply using the LCAs service steadily. But if clients stop using the service or complain the service, this will block the project. To make clients to engage the project, active communication methods such as exchanging feedback from clients via Internet or social media service are required. Direct competitors Fernie Wilderness Adventures (FWA) Montana Angler Government Look page8 Suppliers Food/Beverage suppliers Suppliers can contribute to the project by serving high quality food and beverage to clients at low cost. On the other hand, if they serve low quality food and beverage to clients, they will hinder the project. Shareholders owner Influence on the owner, Wilcox, through the Project is as important as that on the project through the owner. For Wilcox as owner of LCA expects to fully retire from the business in two to five years. During those years, he aims to find the best way to ensure that LCAs unique service to its clients could continue to grow, while allowing Wilcox to exit the business with some financial reward. At the same time, he demonstrates eco-centric leadership by keeping the safe environment. Moreover, he would like to see another person buys LCA who sees the need to protect the animals and not overfish. To contribute to the project, Wilcox makes a decision that accommodates other stakeholders needs and interests. If he makes no decision or project, it will be an obstacle for succeeding the project. Employees Chef and helicopter pilot Employees have the most important position to leave positive remarks on performance and achievement. The better performance they provide for the success of the project, the better result they expect, which in turn will bring higher profit to the company. Success of the company naturally promises security of job position and help retire comfortably. This is the best interest of any employees in the company. Public-interest group Their participation and opinion about companys service and offer is important. Even if the group Wildsight sometimes have a different interest and concerns with regards to companys service, at the end of the day, the companys best interest is aligned with that of Wildsight in terms of preserving wild life. For example, LCA release fishes that were caught during day trips in order to save the environment. If they complain to the LCA project with the environment problem, project will be troubled. However, if Wildsight believes LCAs eco-friendly operation, it will be helpful for LCA to success the project

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