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SIT717 2018T2 Assignment 3: Oral Presentation SIT717 Enterprise Business Intelligence 2018 T2 Assignment 2 (Project 3): Oral Presentation (A Voice-embedded PPT file must be submitted via CloudDeakin for both on-campus and cloud students. No face-to-face presentation.) Individual task 20% Due Date: 11:59pm (AEST), Thursday, September 27th, 2018 [Description]: This assignment is an oral presentation of your technical report in Assignment 2. Please make use of the knowledge and the skills you studied in this unit to prepare the oral presentation. (The content structure please refer to the Assignment 2 guideline.) [Submission Requirements] Your submission should be a power point presentation (.ppt) file with voice embedded in each slide. Maximum number of total slides is 15 (including title, method, experimental evaluation, conclusion and reference) Maximum total duration of the presentation (voice) is 15 Minutes. (Note: NO email or Hardcopy assignments accepted. Photos of the document or photos/scanned copy of the handwritten documents are NOT accepted. The late submissions will be penalised. You are also reminded to keep a backup copy for record.) Marking Criteria 1. (4 marks) Presentation slide (PowerPoint content) Quality Slides are clear to read. Proper font size, diagrams readable. (1 mark) Use of dot points and figures. Not cluttered with paragraphs and sentences. (1 mark) Logical organization (1 mark) Must not exceed 15 slides (total number of slides) (1 mark) 2. (12 marks) Main Content Overall introduction about the area (2 marks) Discussion about specific techniques and technical details (5 marks). Three levels: Excellent (4-5 marks), Good (2-3 marks), Marginal (0-1 mark) Own reflection about the topics and contents (3 marks). Three levels: Excellent (3 marks), Good (2 marks), Marginal (0-1 mark) Conclusion (1 mark) Proper references provided (1 mark) 3. (4 marks) Presentation quality (Voice) Clear voice and easy to listen. Not too fast and not too slow. Very enjoyable presentation/talk for audience. (1 mark) Logical flow in the presentation. (1 mark) Not just reading the slides. Should add more information during the talk (Expanding on the points mentioned in the slides) (1 mark) Must not exceed 15 Minutes in total. (1 mark) 1/1

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