This assignment is Critical Literature review

Topic: What relation between market supply to network development This assignment is Critical Literature review ASSESSMENT TASK: Description In this assessment, you should conduct both a formal academic literature source of refereed journal articles available through the librarys internet search engines and a general internet search for business and government reports. Find and read a minimum of 6 articles from the academic journals and 2 reports relevant to the research problem area. You need to find articles to help you understand relevant research in this field and to assist in formulating research questions and your approach to tackling the research problem. Then you should write a critical/thematic literature review. Do not organise this review reference by reference, sometimes referred to as an annotated bibliography (see , and the provided documents in the assessment folder for an explanation of the difference). From your search for existing information summarize the type of information found and any key conclusions that you can draw relevant to the decision or problem. At the end you should have a section summarizing the gaps and limitations in the information found and a few sentences describing your overall conclusions. This assessment should be between 1200 and 1500 words not including reference list and any tables or figures that you may use. You must list all references used in APA style ( ). You must use in text citations (see for an example and for more information). Criteria Presentation & Style Convey information clearly and fluently, in high quality written form appropriate for target ******iences Presentation & Style Full and proper acknowledgment of sources Content & Scope Must review at least 6 relevant academic papers and 2 relevant reports from non-academic sources

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