This assignment requires you to write an

Referencing Styles : APA This assignment requires you to write an essay in which you critically analyse management and leadership capacity in the provision of quality early education and care services.Students will choose one topic from the list below and write an essay that critically analyses the capabilities required of the manager in providing leadership in one of the topic areas belowTopics (choose 1)Staffing: This topic includes developing and supervising the staff team; managing conflict & grievances; supporting staffs professional learning,Partnership with Families and Communities: This topic includes orientation of children and families; building authentic relationships, supporting children with additional needs; transition to school,Administration and Governance: This topic includes developing culture and climate; effective communication; policy development; privacy and confidentiality.In order to complete this assignment you need to: Choose 1 topic area from the list above. The topic areas are quite broad and there is substantial information available about each one. If you choose to focus on one of the sub areas listed under the topic then you will need to make this very clear in your introduction. Identify from research and literature the elements that contribute to quality service provision.o Your texts each have a section on quality. Use these to help you here. Review the research and literature relevant to the focus topic.o Look beyond the literature focussed on schools and early childhood settings.o Introduce the topic area and discuss why it is important. Summarise important principles, issues, ideas and / or strategies to be considered in relation to the topic. Identify any legal or industrial considerations that may impact the topic area. Examine theoretical models or frameworks relevant to the topic area. Draw on theory to generate principles and strategies that the manager could use to provide leadership in that area to ensure quality service delivery.

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