This is the fourth and last assignment

TheOpenPolytechnicofNewZealand 1 COM301/AS4 COM301 Writing for a Purpose Assignment 4 Weighting: This is the fourth and last assignment in this course. You will be marked as either Pass or Fail for this assignment. This assignment is also based on the requirements for Unit Standard 3491 Write a report. Due date: This assignment is due in week 15. Assignment purpose For this assignment youll need to write a well-structured report. Required resources Youll need to work through the course materials for Modules 1 to 4 to complete this assignment. Marking guide The marking guide that will be used to assess your assignment is included at the end of this document. We encourage you to use it to check your work before you submit it. 4 Assignment 1 1 TheOpenPolytechnicofNewZealand 2 COM301/AS4 Formatting your assignment Create a Microsoft Word (or similar) document. Youll need to include all of the assignment within one document and submit it using one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, or .csv. Use 1.5 line spacing, 12pt Arial font. (Use 14pt Arial font for headings). Make the first page the title page. This should show: the number and title of the assignment your name and student number the due date the course name and code. Create a footer that shows up on every page. It should include: the file name your name your student number the page number. Example: COM301_A1_ JoeSmith_studentnumber, Page 1 of 10 Cut and paste all tables, diagrams and graphs into one document, and place them with the appropriate question. When you are describing or explaining an answer, write your answers as sentences, not just bullet points. Include the heading References on the last page and refer to any documents, websites, books, or other resources that you have used in your assignment. Ensure your work is correctly referenced in APA-style referencing. Note: The Open Polytechnic will not accept assignments emailed directly to the course leader, as there is no tracking system covering this route. Any assignment emailed directly to your course leader will be returned unopened with the instruction to submit it through the assignment submission link on the course home page. TheOpenPolytechnicofNewZealand 3 COM301/AS4 Assignment instructions Brief You are employed as an analyst at the Superior Hotel in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. The Superior Hotel is a large four-star hotel with 22 rooms, ranging from standard rooms to large suites. The hotel also functions as a conference venue and attracts conferences of up to 500 people. Hotel facilities include: two restaurants an informal style restaurant and a fine-dining venue; a gymnasium and heated pool; and three conference rooms. The hotel also has a strong connection with local iwi and the nearby marae. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in cultural experiences and learn about aspects of the regions history. Although the hotel is very busy during some parts of the year, there are times when it operates significantly under capacity. The management of the Superior Hotel is investigating marking strategies, including the possibility of offering holiday and business packages including several days of accommodation to visitors to Wellington. The problem: There are times when the hotel operates significantly under capacity. Your task: Analyse the data and find information to give recommendations to solve the problem. In your role as analyst: Read and analyse the information provided in the resources for this assignment. Consider what this information tells you about visitors to Wellington and how you can use this to support your ideas. For your findings o make a note of interesting trends or patterns in visitor statistics that could be used to promote the hotel and increase the average monthly occupancy. o make use of information from the following websites to find out more about events happening in Wellington: tourism/the-numbers/ Recommend the number of nights of accommodation for the package, the target market for the package, and other relevant marketing strategies that the hotel could use to attract more visitors. TheOpenPolytechnicofNewZealand 4 COM301/AS4 Finding information Make use of the information provided with the assignment to begin draw conclusions about hotel occupancy and tourism in Wellington. Using the information Once youve analysed the information provided and found relevant information about tourism in Wellington, report it as your findings. You should have at least five findings (including at least three findings based on the statistics given). You should then base your recommendations and conclusions on the findings. Structuring your assignment Structure your report with the following sections: A report Title page with the following headings: To: From: Date: Subject: A clear Terms of reference. A Procedure outlining the steps taken in the investigation. Findings referring to the data in your appendix. Conclusions that are logical, reasonable, of a suitable length and based on the findings. Recommendations that are relevant and consistent to your reports conclusions. A References list that accurately cites your sources using APA referencing style. An Appendix. This should start on a new page and show at least one table of data from the spreadsheet supplied with this assignment. You can also include other material if it is relevant. Your report should use clear, concise, appropriate and error-free language. You should write in full sentences and use paragraphs. Make use of headings, subheadings and numbering to organise your ideas. You also need to make sure you include enough detail to show the basis for your conclusions and recommendations. TheOpenPolytechnicofNewZealand 5 COM301/AS4 Marking guide Evidence requirements Judgement statements Content 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.9 Your information is factual, complete and relevant to the purpose of the report. The quantity and quality of the information presented is relevant to the purpose of the report. Your report clearly answers the set task and gives several suggestions that are logically presented. The conclusions drawn are consistent with the evidence presented in the report. Any recommendations are relevant and consistent with the reports conclusions. The report is 12001500 words long. Information presented: is concise gives sufficient detail explains how evidence was collected is logical is supported by evidence. The report includes at least 5 findings. The report includes a conclusion that is consistent with the recommendations made. Structure 1.4 The content is structured in a logical order. Content includes the following sections: Title page Terms of reference Procedure Findings Conclusions References Appendix. Style 1.5 1.6 1.7 The report is written in a relevant format and tone. Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors do not affect the meaning of the report. The vocabulary, including any technical language used, contributes to the intention of the report. Formal language is used. Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are not significant and do not affect the meaning of the report. Vocabulary is relevant, precise and clear. Sources of information 1.8 Sources of data are referenced in a consistent format. References are provided in APA format.

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