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MKT202 Marketing Research Essentials Communicating Marketing Research Topic 10 Copyright Notice COPYRIGHT COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 WARNING This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Kaplan Higher Education pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act). The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act. Do not remove this notice Icon Meaning Activity Take notes These are important points and you should take notes. You will be required to know this information. Individual Activity Students complete an individual task. Group Activity Students discuss/ complete activities in groups and report back to the class. Research required You will need to research this and do some reading before the next class. Important Concept You MUST understand this concept to successfully complete the subject. Seek help if you dont understand. Practice Questions Students will complete these questions as practice for the exam. Topic Ten 15-1 The Research Report 15-2 Organizing the Report: 1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Executive Summary 4. Background 5. Methodology 6. Findings (primary and secondary) 7. Appendices The Research Report 15-3 Title Page: The title page should be dominated by the name of the project. Other elements that should be included are the name of the client organization, name of the research firm, and date of the report. 15- The Presentation 15-4 Sample Title Slide The Research Report 15-5 Table of Contents: This should not exceed one page and should list the major sections of the report along with the page numbers on which they start. It is a convenience for the reader, and often, the researcher in that it permits quick reference for finding specific information in the report. 15- The Presentation Sample Table of Contents 15- Interpreting the Findings Executive Summary: Portion of a research report that explains why the research was done, what was found, what those findings mean, and what action, if any, management should undertake. 15- Conclusions and Recommendations Conclusions: Generalizations that answer the questions raised by the research objectives or otherwise satisfy the objectives. Recommendations: Conclusions applied to marketing strategies or tactics that focus on a clients achievement of differential advantage. 15- The Presentation Sample Executive Summary 15- Understanding the Work Background: The background sets the context for the research and addresses such things as the overall goal of the research, the decisions that need to be made, the companys strength and weaknesses regarding the issue in question. 15- The Presentation Sample Background and Objectives 15- The Presentation Methodology: Here you discuss how the research was done and why it was done this way. Issues that need to be addressed include: Who was interviewed Why did we interview those people How were they interviewed Why were they interviewed this way How were people selected Sampling method How were completed surveys processed, etc. 15- The Presentation Sample Methodology 15- The Presentation Findings: This is typically the longest section of the report and should summarize results for almost every question in the survey. 15- The Presentation Communicate with Graphs/Charts/Pictures 15- The Presentation 15- The Presentation 15- The Presentation Interpreting Statistical Results 15- Proofreading Before sending the report off to the client or even on to a senior company executive, proofread it meticulously. Do not depend on computerized Spell Check programs; these are fallible and inherently imprecise and inaccurate. 15- Making a Presentation What do the data really mean? What impact do they have? What have we learned from the data? What do we need to do, given the information we now have? How can future studies of this nature be enhanced? What could make this information more useful? Key Issues to Address: 15- Presentation on the Internet With PowerPoint, publishing presentations to the Web is easier than ever. Publication to the Web enables individuals to access the presentation, regardless of where they are or when they need to access it. In addition, researchers can present results at multiple locations on the Internet. Brain Storm What kind of researcher you would prefer for your organization? 15- Managing Research Suppliers 1. Maintains client confidentiality 2. Is honest 3. Is punctual 4. Is flexible 5. Delivers against project specifications 6. Provides high-quality output 7. Is responsive to the clients needs 8. Has high quality-control standards 9. Is customer-oriented in interactions with the client 10. Keeps the client informed throughout a project What Clients Want A Researcher Who: 15- Managing the Research Process Research Management: Overseeing the development of excellent communication systems, data quality, time schedules, cost controls, client profitability, and staff development. 15- Managing the Research Process Some Key Issues: Organizing the Supplier Firm Data Quality Management Time Management Cost Management Outsourcing 15- Managing the Research Process Time Management: Effective time management is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of professional life. One requirement of research management is to keep a project on the schedule specified by the client. 15- Outsourcing Outsourcing: Having personnel in another country perform some or all of the functions involved in a marketing research project. Captive Outsourcing: When a research firm creates a whollyowned foreign facility for outsourcing. 15- Outsourcing Issues Confidentiality Infrastructure Quality of deliverables Domain knowledge Cultural issues Job losses in the client country and associated negative publicity for the agency Employee liability 15- Outsourcing Issues 15- Client Profitability Analysis 15- Screening Questions Used by CRI How did you hear about us? What kind of work is it (in terms of industry scope)? Whats your budget? What are your decision criteria? Whom are we competing against for your business? Why are you thinking of switching? 15- Staff Management and Development Create an environment that encourages risk taking, experimentation, and responsibility. Foster recognition and accountability. Provide job autonomy within a certain structure. Attract and support people with entrepreneurial attitudes. Connect rewards to a business result. Open your financial books. Offer diversity within your organization. Provide clear promotional paths. Some Key Techniques: 15- Managing a Marketing Research Department Allocating the research department budget. Prioritizing projects. Retaining skilled staff. Selecting the right marketing research suppliers. Moving marketing research into a decision-making role. Critical Issues: 15- Retaining a Skilled Staff Conduct regular performance reviews that give continuing feedback on a job well done or offer ways to improve. Offer public recognition for great work. (Some examples are in the text.) Give differential pay raises that recognize superior performance. Vary the work in order to keep everyone interested. 15- Selecting the Right Marketing Research Suppliers Key Questions: How long has the vendor been in business? For what other companies has the vendor conducted research projects? What are the academic backgrounds and experience of those persons who will be working on the projects, that is, the project director, field director, data processing manager, and so forth? Does the composition of the project team strike the right balance between top-level management and technical researchers and analysts? Does the success of the project depend on the capabilities of a subcontractor? REAL-LIFE RESEARCH : The United Way MCDANIEL C, GATES, R 2013, MARKETING RESEARCH ESSENTIALS, 8TH EDN, WILEY, HOBOKEN, N.J. Unless specified, all the images, charts, data and definitions are from the source below.

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