This week the project has entered

Scenario Topic 4 Design Phase This week the project has entered the first stage of execution the Design. For a change of perspective, students are now going to assume the role of a community group that objects to a particular aspect of the project: the effects of the construction impacts on their favourite creek (Special Creek). This group (The Friends of Special Creek) needs to meet and agree a way to engage with the proponents of the project (and others) to achieve their outcomes. Exactly what the outcomes are will be up to you: be as pedantic or reasonable as you see fit. The objective here is to demonstrate good use of stakeholder engagement techniques. Tasks You only need to demonstrate your thinking/workings here. Dot points and/or tables are sufficient. Determine which SEO will apply to your group (it must be one that at least one member of the group has selected). Make sure you consider this SEOs performance to date when determining your strategy. Plan an agenda for the Friends of Special Creek (your group) meeting. Hold a meeting a Friends of Special Creek meeting (method of your choice, online/teleconference/in person if you live in the same area is fine). Write up the outcomes of your meeting Post your teams agenda and minutes as your decision and reflection log for the week. Each team member needs to post it individually. Bonus Marks for Group Work and Mediation Each group has the ability to allocate 0.5 marks per student in addition to existing marks (above the existing marks). This can be allocated evenly (in the case of even effort) across the group or to particular members who do more than their fair share of work. A suggested distribution of effort (for a four-person team) is:Coordinate the meeting (technology, date/time) Prepare the AgendaTake minutes / write up the outcomes Review all documentation. If any student in a group would like the teaching team to engage with their group to help mediate any issues, we are very happy to do this. We will be applying a no-blame approach in helping your group to work through any issues you may have.

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