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ENGL 112 Task Description-Proposal Page 1 of 2 V1 Dec. 2017 Task Description: Proposal What is the purpose of completing this assessment? To describe what you would like to research, what the objectives are and what the likely benefits might be To explain the research process and list the deliverables, along with a timeline and a description of responsibilities What is the grade weighting for this assessment? This is a group assessment that is worth 20% of your final course grade. Guidelines: The proposal should be around 2800 words in length (not including the References or Appendix) with the following sections: Cover page Introduction Identify the topic and general trends Define the purpose of the research, the focus and scope of the project and present the research questions Literature Review (1000-1200 words) Examine current knowledge and information that has already been published on the topic. This involves critical reading, analysis, evaluation and synthesis of the published work that is relevant to the research question. Methodology Explain the kind of data needed to answer the research question(s), exactly how data will be collected, the population and the target sample. Describe how the data will be analyzed Schedule and Project Deliverables Describe the main tasks of the project with deadlines (These main tasks need to be broken down into sub-tasks with who is responsible in the Gantt chart which is placed in the Appendix) Explore contingency plans Closing Remarks & Request to Proceed References Appendix Gantt Chart Submission Guidelines: IEEE formatting for references Adhere to paper formatting guidelines ENGL 112 Task Description-Proposal Page 2 of 2 V1 Dec. 2017 Ensure your paper meets the Universitys guidelines about academic integrity Late submissions will be penalized 5% a day

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