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Foundation Studies Art, Design and Architecture Applied Communication Design STYLE a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. a particular design of clothing Oxford Dictionary Objective: To develop an understanding of the importance of function and style in fashion design. You will learn to work with pattern, shape, texture and colour in the process of wrapping the human form. Brief: Design an experimental uniform for a male and female employee within your global corporation (from the previous project). Consider what clothing might look like in 5 or 10 years into the future. You have created your own fabric designs in Drawing & Production Skills and you must adapt one of these to use in your designs. Research Write a research report examining three examples of futuristic fashion design. The report must be in the form of an essay (introduction, body and conclusion) and include the following for each example: background information your own analysis an image for each design Use Harvard referencing. 500 words minimum excluding quotes & references. Step 1 Make a list of all the job positions/types of job within your company. Choose one to create uniforms for and make a note of: the duties and activities the employees perform in their role how these activities/working conditions might influence the requirements of the uniforms (i.e. farmers need protection from the weather) Step 2 Research/document existing uniform designs for your chosen occupation. Step 3 Develop a number of uniform designs (male and female) for your chosen job position. The designs must look new and modern and not just like a typical office worker. Dont just take a pattern from a costume and transfer it to your design. In developing concepts for both uniforms consider the following: be experimental and adventurous with the style look beyond standard materials and clothing items incorporate one of the patterns you created in Drawing & Production Skills Step 4 In consultation with your teacher, decide on the best concepts and develop them further. In addition to being futuristic, your uniform designs must also be functional. Consider the following: changes in temperature and work environment safety, comfort and movement headwear, scarves, neckties, footwear, bags and other accessories clothing details such as sleeve lengths, collars, buttons, zippers etc. wearable technology, cosmetics & hairstyles You need to apply all of these considerations to both the female and male uniform for either indoor or outdoor environments. Step 5 Consider a range of colour variations. You may want to incorporate the colours of the logo/identity you developed in the previous project. Alternatively, you may use entirely different colours altogether. Take into account textures, patterns and fabric usage. Step 6 Refine your designs and work them up into fashion illustrations. Use figures that represent the style and flair you envisage for your global corporation. Step 7 In your bank layout pad, develop background concepts that represent either the working environment or the desired image of your company. The design should be simple so as to not take away any attention from the figures. The background must include: the colours used in your logo design (Identity Project) the pattern you developed in Drawing & Production Skills (swatch) an additional colour in contrast to the main colour used in the logo (note: your logo may already consist of contrasting colours) PRODUCTION (Uniforms) Choose from the following media to create your final fashion illustrations: marker pens with fineliner watercolour/gouache with fineliner Demonstrate attention to detail and finish in the final illustrations by adding shadows and textures. Scan final illustrations and place on background. Your pattern design from Drawing & Production Skills must be included somewhere in both uniforms. PRODUCTION (Background) Background must be produced using Adobe Photoshop. After compiling the imagery to be used for the background, think about how you are going to simplify them. Consider the following: using selection tools and layer masks for image manipulation simplifying by deleting unnecessary details/sections using filters or effects to alter or simplify elements adjusting levels, hue & saturation etc. to enhance imagery Your pattern design from Drawing & Production Skills must be incorporated as a swatch into the background design. Submission High quality A3 print out (300ppi portrait format) adhered on A3 Mountboard. Submit with your development book in an A3 plastic sleeve. You must submit your Photoshop (.psd) onto the Mac Server into the relevant class folder. Due Date Assessment Research Report 10 Concept/Design (Uniforms) 20 Concept Development 40 Research Concept Sketches Design Development Colour Trials Background Reflection Annotations Skills/Techniques (Digital) 10 Skills/Techniques (Figures) 10 Oral Presentation 10 TOTAL 100 This assignment is worth 25% of your first semester result.

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