Type: An individual assessment

Type: An individual assessment task

ssentials: Weighting: 35% Type: An individual assessment task Length: Report: 1000 words (including in-text references but excluding reference list), Topic: Understanding groups and managing teams This assessment task relates to the following Learning Outcomes: ? Describe and apply fundamental management theories and concepts to business operation. ? Critically examine organisational and management practices. ? Analyse management challenges, problems and issues and construct practical solutions. ? Evaluate the purpose and value of teamwork and working collaboratively. Aims and objectives: This assessment targets the development of students analytical, problem-solving, research and reflective s******s. This assessment expects students to: ? answer the brief (the question posed in the case study and expectations articulated in the Case study brief on p. 8 of this Assessment Guide). ? demonstrate an understanding of teamwork and the challenges and opportunities it presents for managers and team members. ? demonstrate ability to find solutions to an identified problem. ? demonstrate proof of engagement with the course via participation in tutorials teamwork ? reflect on their own experiences of teamwork. Case study citation: Maruca, RF 1998, How do you manage an off-site team?, Harvard Business Review*, July August, pp. 1 7. (Case study can be accessed on iLearn) 7 * IMPORTANT: Students must be aware that Harvard Business Review publications are subject to strictest licensing laws. The license to publish on iLearn is purchased by the Faculty of Business and Economics and is restricted to distribution for consumption between the BBA102 students ONLY. Therefore, BBA102 students MUST NOT share any of Harvard Business Review publications with the third parties to avoid legal action from the Harvard Business Publishing. Case study brief (1000 words): Due to the shift from the face-to-face to the off-site team work, there is an evident lack of connection between managers and a team and between team members which causes various issues. Using theories on the topic of teams and groups, analyse the case study and answer the main question posed at the end of the case study: Can the rift between Allison and Penny be mended? In your analysis, consider answering all or some of the following questions, or generate the questions of your own: 1. What mistakes did Craig make in leading and managing this team? What should he do to remedy these mistakes? 2. What kind of conflict is evident in this off-site team and what should Craig and Maggie do to resolve it? 3. What makes this off-site team ineffective and what can be done to improve its effectiveness? Students will succeed in analysing the case study if they: ? identify a major problem (problems) presented in the case study ? discuss reasons for this problem (or these problems), using team and group-related theories where appropriate. ? discuss possible solutions to this problem (or these problems), using team and grouprelated theories where appropriate. ? NB: students must note that it will not suffice to provide a simple description of apparent issues. Your analysis should explain why these issues are problematic and how they can be rectified (solutions).

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