UK government endorsed the Salamanca Statement

In 1994, the UK government endorsed the Salamanca Statement, which states;We believe and proclaim that.. those with special educational needs must have access toregular schools which should accommodate them within a child centred pedagogy capableof meeting these needs (UNESCO, 1994, p. viii)The most recent SEND Code of Practice states;Children and young people with SEN have different needs and can be educated effectivelyin a range of mainstream or special settings (DfE and DoH, 2015, p17)Consider the development of inclusive education through national policy, internationaltreaties and theoretical perspectives, and consider how far the SEND Code of Practicerepresents a shift in priorities for the education of children and young people with SEND.Has the shift been towards or away from the idea of full inclusion for all children, in a systemof education supposedly based on the social model of disability?(2,500 words)2,500 wordsLearning Outcomes1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of knowledge and a critical awareness of issues relatedto inclusion2. Critically evaluate current research in the area of inclusion3. Demonstrate originality in the interpretation and application of knowledge and research in thearea of inclusionSuggested StructureWord counts are indicative you could expand or decrease certain sections. Introduction (250 ish) State the aims of the essay and the main areas of discussion.Defining and discussinginclusion (500 ish) Outline the difficulties in defining inclusion, and show thatthere is no universal definition. You need to critically evaluate; this means drawingcomparisons between definitions, showing overlaps andinconsistencies, and considering the implications of thesedifferent definitions. You need to define a social model of disability in this section(this may be something you wish to spend longer exploring)and show how this links to education. When writing about definitions, there can be a temptation toquote at length; it is better to paraphrase and just quote keyphrases to illustrate what you mean.Tracking policy (500 ish) Outline why Warnocks 1978 report is considered to be soimportant in the history of inclusive education. You should critically evaluate Warnock what have other writers saidabout the report? Was it a step towards a social model ofinclusion? (You may wish to explore ideas about labelsfurther in this section) Outline why the Salamanca statement is considered to be soimportant in the history of inclusive education. Remember tobe critical. Consider the UNCRC, the UNCRPD and other rights-baseddocuments here- what was their contribution to ourunderstanding of inclusion? What did the national and international documents contributeto how inclusive education was enacted in England?Criticisms of the SEN system(500 ish) Outline some of the issues raised by reports and reviews intoSEN and inclusive education (Warnock 2005, SelectCommittee, Lamb, Ofsted). You may want to focus on one ortwo main areas of criticism so you can explore them in furtherdetail. Remember to refer to other writers as well (this couldinclude organisations such as IPSEA, NASEN, plus authorssuch as Alison Ekins). You need to be synthesising all ofyour reading and showing common threads. What do these findings mean for inclusion? Have weachieved a system where we are following a social model ofdisability? Should we still be striving towards a fully inclusivesystem of education?The Code of Practice andcontemporary understandingsof inclusion (500 ish) Critically consider what the Code of Practice says aboutinclusion. How has the Code been received? Consider other aspects of the Code at this stage; how doesthe focus on pupil voice and life outcomes link to inclusionmore broadly? How helpful are the categories of SEN? Doesthe Code move the education system towards or away from asocial model of disability in education?Conclusion (250 ish) You need to draw together all the threads of yourassignment, making sure you do not bring in any new ideas.Remember to address the question.

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