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QCD210 Review Assessment Task 2 Assessment name: Literature Review Learning outcomes measured: 1. Understand and adhere to the ethical responsibilities required of students in Australian universities 2. Source, evaluate and synthesise information from a range of academic texts 3. Critically reflect on academic texts 4. Produce academic texts which adhere to a required structure and use associated language features Length: 1 200 words Weighting: 30% Individual/Group: Individual Formative/Summative Summative How will you be assessed: 7 point grade scale using rubric Due date: Week 10 Submission method: Turnitin Presentation requirements: This assessment must: Be a written academic literature review containing an introduction, body and conclusion. Use QUT APA referencing Be submitted in an electronic format as a Word document via Turnitin Task description: You will produce a 1 200 word literature review on the topic of motivation based on your own research. The literature review should include the following: An introduction that outlines the background to the topic. This should include an explanation of why you are writing a review, and the relevance of the topic. You will need to include the scope of the review, which aspects of the topic will be discussed and the criteria used for your literature selection (e.g. type of sources used, date range). You will also need a thesis statement that outlines the organisational structure of the review. Three sections with sub headings. Each section addresses an aspect of the topic. Each section will contain a number of paragraphs. A conclusion which includes the main agreements, disagreements and controversies in the literature, any suggestions for areas for further research, and your overall perspective on the topic. A reference list. An appendix. QCD210 Review What you need to do: As an essential part of your literature review, you will need to complete the research process. It is essential that you start this research process, which forms the basis of your literature review, early. You will need to do the following: Use the annotated bibliography entries you completed for Assessment One as two of your sources plus the article you have been using in the tutorials (3) Choose one (1) out of three sources that your tutor will provide to the class on the topic. Select a further three (3) sources on the topic. Read all sources carefully and practise using the skills you learnt for Assessment One (ie locating the main arguments, evaluating the source, and deciding on its usefulness). Collate your research into a table format. It is not necessary to write an annotated bibliography for each source. Show your tutor evidence of your research in weeks 6 to 8. There is a checklist to help you. Include your completed table as an appendix to your literature review. Resources needed to complete this task Criteria sheet QUT Cite|Write guide Turnitin Tip Sheets

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