Unit 4: Discussion –

Unit 4: Discussion – Individual and Cultural Identity Introduction We can all see ourselves as a bundle of identities

Unit 4: Discussion – Individual and Cultural Identity Introduction We can all see ourselves as a bundle of identities. We all carry identities of country, class and ethnicity around as part of us, and many others besides. Art can help us question both our own identities and those of others or help us to see them in new ways. Unit Learning Outcomes Describe how visual signs of national, class and racial identity manifest themselves in art. (CLO 2, 3, 4) Initial Post In each unit discussion you will have a post where you address one or more of the questions posed. A high-quality post will be: on time thoughtful answer thoroughly use specific examples of artwork and/or use sources including the text, and online or offline articles to support its points. Directions Watch the following videos. Research and explore for other information on these artists and their artwork. Read the discussion questions below and leave your comments using the ‘Reply’ prompt. Make sure you proofread your posts and cite you sources using MLA format. Discussion Questions Required questions: Which specific artwork did you find the most interesting? What thoughts or feelings did it bring up for you? Choose 1 (one) of the following questions to answer: What links do you see between the Flag by Jasper Johns and Nari Wards We the People? What ideas tie them together and how does each work express that idea? Do you think the meaning of Benny Andrews Flag Day is ambiguous on purpose? Why would he leave it that way? What does it express? Kerry James Marshall talks about his use of the dark black figures and how he wanted to reclaim the image of blackness as an emblem of power. What does he mean by that? Do you think he succeeds? Why? Use a specific example. What connections do you see between the work of Wendy Red Star and Kerry James Marshall? Videos https://youtu.be/skHR8wrO490 https://art21.org/watch/art-in-the-twenty-first-century/s1/kerry-james-marshall-in-identity-segment/ https://smarthistory.org/seeing-america-2/jasper-johns-flag-sa-periods/ https://youtu.be/2O0KBHom5bg https://youtu.be/NICodKeadp0 https://youtu.be/Ba8Jsja1dEM

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