Use harmonious colors,

Design 4 pictographs which represent the 4 seaso s. Use harmonious colors, Demonstrate the pen tool, fill, stroke, shapes and create a uniform design throughout the layout. All 4 illustrations mu t match in design technique. Use Illustrators Color Guide to pick a strong and effective color relationship. All illustrations must be 100% mg nal. You cannot trace vector images for your project submission. Tracing a vector image for professional use is plagiarism. You can trace photographs. The best method for tracing a photo is to print the photo. Place the photo on a light box. Trace over the Image on a clean sheet of paper. Scan your hand drawing. Use the pen tool to trace over your own drawing in Illustrator. Get inspired. Visit Istockphoto com and check out the vector pictographs, and vector seasons. Search for ideas. Use these as a starting point for your own concept. Do not duplicate an existing idea, those Images are copynghted Create your own idea. Gather the ideas, place them into one artboard for this project_ Draw your roughs for this project. Take a photo of the roughs. Place the photo into an artboard within the project in Illustrator. Draw all 4 pictographs on one Letter size page. One Pictograph in each quadrant. Pay allention to the layout as much as the illustrationsCriteria Research ideas are saved on one artboard Rough drawings are on a second artboard Final illustrations are represented on a 3rd artboard all within the same document Document page size is Letter (8.5 x 11) All 4 images have harmonious illustrative techniques: fill style, stroke style, drawing style, color harmony. They look like they belong together Clean and professional utilization of the pen tool to manage points and curves. No sewing machine stitch jagged points are used. Illustrative style is pictographic: the image is representative of the 4 seasons in some form Attention to detail with size and placement of the 4 illustrations. Project Submission. 3 page Illustrator PDF file Pictographs_lastname.pdf Submissions No submissions yet. Drag and drop to upload your assignment below. Drop files he, or click below! umma Recortl AU. 1 Moose Existing o 89900983.1.03p9 o tnxmixii_imGoa.j,,, 10 Type here to search 4 07 en 0 LI F

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