UU-MBA712: Theories of Management

UU-MBA712: Theories of Management

UU-MBA712: Theories of Management Question: iL UNICAF UU-MBA712 Theories of Management Assessment Two Guidelines According to Dasgupta and Gupta The increasing turbulence in the external business environment has focused attention on the resources and organizational capabilities as the principal source of competitive advantage. (2009, p.204). Discuss with reference to appropriate literature sources, the extent to which the creation, sharing and utilization of knowledge is central to this resource based view of competitive advantage. Reference: Dasgupta, M. And Gupta, R.K. (2009) Innovation in Organizations: A Review of the Role of Organizational Learning Marking criteria: Element Weight Presentation (General Presentation and reference system) APA 10 Essay content, analysis and review of literature 50 Essay structure and organization 30 Language clarity and accuracy 10

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