Variables, their description and coding

Variables, their description and coding Table 1: Variables, their descriptions and coding NoVariable nameDescription of the variableCodingData type1YearYear the company certified2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008nominal2CertificationCertification dummy0= not certified; 1=certified3Industry2Two digit industry code58= storage and transportation; 60= telecommunication 61=computer service 62=software 74= business services 75= Research and Development 76= specialized technology services 77= technology exchange and promotion5StpyearYear of the founding of the companyRange from 1947 to 20066IEmployee number7I_yjsNumber of employees with master or doctor8I_benkeNumber of employees with bachelor9I_dzNumber of employees with diploma10I_gaozhongNumber of employees with high school education11I_chuzhongNumber of employees with junior high school or below12RevenueSales of the company13Profit_operationProfit of the company14KsumTotal asset of the company15EquityEquity of the company16KpaidTotal capital17KstateCapital from government18KoverseaCapital from overseas19KotherCapital from other sources20ROSReturn on sales21ROAReturn on assets22FDIpercentPercentage of overseas investment in the total investment23DFIdummyOverseas investment dummy0= without overseas investment 1= with overseas investment24agefirmAge of the companyIn years

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