(Victorian Curriculum statements should be numbered

LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Name: Topic: Lesson No: Subject: School: Duration: Date: Year level: Learning Purpose/Learning Intention/Rationale: The broad goal of a lesson- the educational justification for teaching it. The reasons that Key knowledge, skills and Learning and teaching strategies are being used for the class at this time Victorian Curriculum- F-10 or VCE focus (if VCE applicable) (Victorian Curriculum statements should be numbered so that they can be deliberately related to Learning Outcomes) Identify the Strands, Domains, Dimensions, Standards, Progression Points being addressed in this lesson. Victorian Curriculum (F-10) VCE Study Designs Success Criteria / Learning outcomes: (Detail what the students will be able to do as a result of this lesson. Learning outcomes should be numbered or coded so that they can be identified in the procedure of the lesson) Assessment: (Assessment should be numbered or coded so that they can be identified in the procedure of the lesson) How will you: assess students prior knowledge and readiness for the learning in this lesson assess emerging knowledge and understanding, improving skills feed assessment information back to the students to inform their learning make judgements for use in reporting student achievement? Procedure: In this section you will set out the steps for your lesson in order and in the columns below. The learning outcomes should be specifically addressed and assessed. Time for each step Teacher activities: Learner activities: Engagement: How will the students be introduced to the topic and engaged or hooked into the learning of this lesson? Give the students a reason to learn and participate. This is a vital step and serves to orient learners to the topic to be explored. Every lesson begins with this introductory step. Procedural steps: Systematically present each step in the lesson showing the flow and links between activities. Identify key questions. Detail key instructions to be given to students. Plan for student grouping, movement and any particular classroom management strategies to be used and making smooth but clear transitions from one activity to the next. Think about safety. The number of steps will vary with each lesson. Conclusion: This is a critical step and provides for the summing up and pulling together of the concepts explored in the lesson. Learner activities: At each stage of the lesson what will the students be doing, thinking, saying, feeling, etc.? It is important to ensure that the students are engaged in a variety of activities and that they are being active and taking responsibility for their own learning Teachers resources: List the resources that will be needed by the teacher. Samples of all materials that will be handed to students should be attached to the lesson plan. Catering for inclusion: Identify ways in which you will cater for these. Students resources: List the resources that will be used by students. Extension activities: Identify interesting and relevant follow-up activities for early finishers. Make sure these are true extension and not more of the same work. Able students should be challenged and earlier finishers should be rewarded with enjoyable but worthwhile activities. Learning space set-up: This should include room layout and any material that will be presented and is planned prior to the lesson. Self-evaluation: The students write their own reflections on what they did during the lesson and how the students responded. It will also include comments on their own perceived strengths, weaknesses and what else they may do to improve their teaching. Key questions: What did students learn/achieve through this lesson? What evidence is there that learning occurred and did it match your learning outcomes? How could it have been improved? How has the assessment informed your teaching (e.g. pace, direction) in this lesson and future lessons? Supervising teachers comments: The supervising teacher will make specific written comments relating to each supervised lesson. This will form the basis of reflective consultation that follows each lesson. It is important that these comments are supportive and helpful to the beginning pre-service teacher. They will be filed in the lesson folder together with the appropriate lesson.

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