Virtucon is developing a

Virtucon is developing a new

ICT Project Management ITC505 Assignment 02 Ali Ammar Ghouri 11552909 Table of Contents Project Name: I-Corp 4 Team Name: VirtuCrop 4 Project Team Members: 4 Project Information: 4 Project Description: 4 Globex Corporation: 4 I-Crop and its objective: 4 Team Charter: 5 Skills and Knowledge Inventory: 5 Roles and Responsibility: 5 Team Communication: 5 Team Rules and Expectations: 6 Signature: 7 Learning Cycle: 7 Communication Plan: 8 Introduction: 8 Procedure and Tools: 8 Records and Reporting: 8 Roles and Responsibilities: 8 Stakeholder Register: 8 Stakeholder Analysis: 9 Communication Plan Chart: 9 Team Reflection: 10 References: 10 Project Name: I-Corp Team Name: VirtuCrop Project Team Members: Team Members Contact Details Ali Ammar Ghouri Christian Richmond Client Bishop Levi Keen Saman Patirage Project Information: Virtucon is developing a new online cash marketplace platform name i-Crop for a company name Globex Corporation. A team from Virtucon are going to design a website and application in house. This is entirely a new project and does not replace or merge with any other system. The project i-Crop will help Globex to provide its customer a convenient and single easy platform for purchase grains, sell, buy warehoused grains. Project Description: Globex Corporation: Globex Corporation was founded in 2013. Their primary office is located in Riverina Region and growing constantly in other major areas of NSW. The company is working closely with number of different agriculture societies and farmers to help them to increase their productivity and goal in a short amount of time. I-Crop and its objective: Virtucon will be developing an online website and in-house application for Globex Corporation. The core objective of this project is to deliver a value-added service to Globex clients and will seek and opportunity manage sale, purchase and buy warehoused grains. The project is a single platform for low and high budget farmers to not only gain access for buying, selling of warehoused grains, but also to manage their sales and different service related to the industry. Team Charter: Skills and Knowledge Inventory: Name Skills Knowledge Ali Ammar Ghouri Leadership skills Project Management Business Analyst Stakeholder Management Business Systems Enterprise Management System Project Management Hands on different projects System Integration Christian Richmond Critical Thinking and Analysis Teamwork and Leadership SDLC Implementation Microsoft 365 Apple OSX Linux Server Admin Client Bishop ICT Professional IT Technical Support Network Engineering IT Technical Support and Coordinator Team oriented and Group Projects IT Network Engineer Levi Keen Microsoft Office Suit Policy Development Customer Service Leadership Minute Taking Reports Facilitate for meeting and Training Communicate with different Agencies Saman Patirage Chemical Engineer Project Planner Hardware and Software Web Developer Chemical Industry Computer Industry Project Planning Website Developer Roles and Responsibility: Role Responsibility Organizer Organizing the meeting by sending email to all members Note down all the ideas and feedback from all the members Responsible to deliver that has been discussed in the meeting Scribe Document ideas and highlight main issues during team meeting Distribute all the document through emails Responsible to deliver that has been discussed in the meeting Attendee Attend all the meetings Contribute and join group discussions for healthy team meeting Responsible to deliver that has been discussed in the meeting Team Communication: Meeting Time and Location: Date / Time Location Organizer Scribe Attendee 05/08/18 12:30 Online Via Skype Levi Keen Saman Patirage Ali Ammar Ghouri Christian Richmond Client Bishop 12/08/18 12:30 Online Via Skype Levi Keen Client Bishop Saman Patrige Christian Richmond Ali Ammar Ghouri 19/08/18 12:30 Online Via Skype Client Bishop Christian Richmond Saman Patirage Ali Ammar Ghouri Levi Keen Communication and Documentation Method: Team Virtucrop is using different methods for developing team communication and Documentation Using Microsoft Skype and online tool for team meeting, group chats, file sharing Email account to notify all members regarding any change in the document or date/time Microsoft word to document all the necessary changes or update Interact2 to share Minutes of Meeting and any file exchange. Team Rules and Expectations: Previous Experience: Team Member Previous Experience in Teams Ali Ammar Ghouri Worked on number of projects in last 5 years. Always take a positive feedback and try to carry positive energy throughout the project. Projects like Business System and System Integration help to work under different condition with different people helps to understand the issue between different departments and Platform Client Bishop Working as a Network Engineer in a company since last 10 years and have more than 4 years of experience of Technical support and training coordinator with different organizations. Team oriented experience on different project with different set of peoples. Try to give positive feedback and determinant in all situations. Levi Keen Previous experience was more like an organizer. Communication with different agencies to facilitate then for meetings and trainings, reports and policy development. Work with different cultures and people in my past 5 years of experience. Always get focused to get things done Saman Patirage Background as a Chemical Engineer and 15 years of experience in computer industry normally working with hardware and software. Used to work under different project team as a project planner. Also had an experience to develop website on a small scale. Mostly positive. Christian Richmond Previous experience was a Team Leader and also a team Player. Hand on experience on different software life cycle like SDLC. Experience on Microsoft 365, Linux and Apple System. Always take positive feedback from each member of a group. Team Goal and Values: The overall team goal is to complete and implement a new system for Globex corporation to facilitates its clients. Clients can buy, sell and purchase warehouse grain and can able to manage their sales with different services related to the industry. All team member of Virtucrop are Punctual, Respectful, Committed and will actively participate and contribute in every stage of the project. Also, the availability of the team member in team meeting is highly appreciated. Code of Ethics: Always committed to deliver on time with our honor and respect. Signature: Name Signature Date Ali Ammar Ghouri Ali Ammar Ghouri 05/08/2018 Client Bishop Client Bishop 05/08/2018 Levi Keen Levi Keen 05/08/2018 Saman Patirage Saman Patirage 05/08/2018 Christian Richmond Christian Richmond 05/08/2018 Learning Cycle: Who What When Organizer Scribe Team Members Read Project Description By Next meeting 05/08/18 Team Members Add Project Charter By Next meeting 05/08/18 Team Members Share contact details and Signing in Meeting 05/08/18 Levi Keen Saman Patirage Team Members Splitting Task Meeting 05/08/18 Levi Keen Saman Patirage Team Members Discuss Forum Meeting 05/08/18 Levi Keen Saman Patirage Christian Richmond Complete project overview and Description Meeting 12/08/18 Levi Keen Saman Patirage Team Members Complete Skills and Knowledge document and upload Meeting 12/08/18 Levi Keen Client Bishop Team Members Discuss about team communication, Values, Rules and Responsibilities By Next Meeting 19/08/18 Levi Keen Client Bishop Team Members Discuss different stake holder of the project Meeting 12/08/18 Levi Keen Client Bishop Team Members Define Roles Meeting 19/08/18 Client Bishop Christian Richmond Team Members Define Stakeholder Meeting 19/08/18 Client Bishop Christian Richmond Team Members Discuss meeting with Stakeholder Meeting 19/08/18 Client Bishop Christian Richmond Team Members Document Project Requirement Meeting 19/08/18 Client Bishop Christian Richmond Team Members Document Communication Plan Meeting 19/08/18 Client Bishop Christian Richmond Communication Plan: Introduction: Communication Plan is the key to success of every project. The purpose is to follow the objective and scope of the project. The main objective is to timely deliver all the deliverables including website and in-house application. Our scope is only limited to the Agriculture industry. All Team members are the key factors and responsible to deliver. Procedure and Tools: The basic communication methods that we are going to use are Microsoft Office Suit Skype Email Interact2 Further Contact details Records and Reporting: Different records and Reports should be present before the team meetings. Ideas and discussions will be arranged between the Minutes of Meetings. Timelines should be followed strictly according to the work breakdown structure that will go online soon. Roles and Responsibilities: Each member of a Team should be responsible to complete a given task. Timely deliver is highly appreciated. Roles and Responsibilities of each team member are Ali Ammar Ghouri Project Manager, Leader Christian Richmond Functional Manager Saman Patirage Architect and Software Developer Clint Bishop Tester and Quality Assurance Levi Keen Business Analyst Stakeholder Register: Name Position Internal / External Role Contact Information Ali A Ghouri Project Manager Internal Managing Task Decision Making Assigned duties Consultation Christian Richmond Functional Manager Internal Making Reports Functionalities Compatibility Hardware Software Update timeline Saman Patirage Architect and Software Developer Internal Software modules Modules Compatibility Follow Timeline Clint Bishop Tester and Quality Assurance Internal Testing Modules Manual Testing Software Testing Levi Keen Business Analyst Internal Business Flow Charts Best possible solutions Market Standards Asfand Khan Analyst External Marketing Analyst Ali Riaz Designer External Software Design Close interaction with developer team Umais Khan Expert External Expert in agriculture Industry Stakeholder Analysis: Virtucrop Ali Ghouri Christian Richmond Saman Patirage Clint Bishop Levi Keen Asfand Khan Ali Riaz Umais Khan Role in Project Project Manager Functional Manager Architect Software Developer Tester and QA Business Analyst Analyst Designer Expert Unique Feature Certified Project manager Certified Functional Manager in IT Vast experience in industry 5 Years experience as a software tester 10 years experience as a business analyst Marketing Analyst Software designer on single and cross platforms Export comments and looking after standards Level of interest High High High High Medium Medium High Medium Level of Influence High High High Medium Medium High High High Communication Plan Chart: Stakeholder Shared Information Frequency of information exchange Location of information Exchange Purpose of Communication Mechanism of communication Who What When Where Why How Project Manager Reports Weekly Team Meeting Evaluation Team Meeting Team Members Timeline and Status Weekly Meetings Raise bugs and issues Group meetings Team Virtucrop Project Status Monthly Team Meeting Project Progress Detailed Information Management Project Status Ongoing Meeting Project Progress Status / Information Team Reflection: Working on project like i-Crop is one of the positive experience I ever had in my career. All members of our team Virtucrop are highly motivated with the positive energy and feedback. Leadership experience that I have previously in my career is totally different. I usually work on Business and Enterprise Software, that usually deals with the similar kind of business. Working on Virtucrop is more about clients for a particular industry. You need to study and understand the different situation which has been faced by a single farmer when he was about to sell or buy warehouse grains. Me and my teams we visit different farm houses and around rural areas to talk with the people and collect different information which will help to develop a better application that will make their life much more comfortable. According to my Experience leadership qualities are very important for a success of small or large project. A Leader is a person who understand the situation and always take positive energy and confident towards its team members. Based on my past experience of IT Project, A project Manager should have a thoughtful knowledge of IT. As IT market is very flexible when it comes to tools and techniques, he should be aware and should use the best possible solution according to the situation. He should eager to learn new SDLC and developing process throughout his career. References: John, p (2013, Feb 4).acceptance criteria for business analyst. Retrieved from Michael, C. project management frameworks. Retrieved from Zig, Z .the acceptance of having clearly defined acceptance criteria in your project. Retrieved from

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