Visual Metaphor Print Ad

Visual Metaphor Print Ad Project Assignment

Task: Create an 8 x 11-inch print ad for a product sold in drugstores that cures or alleviates a condition most people find uncomfortable talking about incorporating a visual metaphor to communicate indirectly and symbolically. All steps are highly unique to your specific project, therefore problem-solving and critical thinking skills are necessary. Please view the PowerPoint lesson Visual Metaphors and Semiotics, LinkedIn Learning: Developing Ideas and Advertising Concepts with Craig Smallish (, and LinkedIn Learning: Learning Graphic Design: Cropping Photographs with John McWade ( before starting this assignment. Decide on a product sold in drugstores or the supermarkets pharmacy aisle that cures or alleviates a condition most people feel uncomfortable talking about, including, but not limited to hemorrhoids, diarrhea, abdominal gas, or any other touchy subject. Review: a metaphor is a comparison between two things that that are TOTALLY DIFFERENT yet share a CHARACTERISTIC IN COMMON. For example, if your product is a foot odor spray, what non-human thing is associated with unpleasant smell? A skunk? A pile of garbage? A dead fish? The goal is to use a metaphor to express the message INDIRECTLY and SYMBOLICALLY. Visual Metaphor Print Ad Project Assignment DO NOT create a direct and/or vulgar message. Do not show the human body or any of its parts. Do not show a toilet, or someone sitting on the toilet. Do not show a before-and-after image, but rather one single strong image. Do not show the happy face or sad face icons. Do not show the no symbol. Metaphors Ideas & Inspiration Video: Sketch your idea for the metaphor ad on paper. Search online for images that you might use in your assignment to express your visual metaphor. Save them to your computer. Composite them using image-editing software. This is not a Photoshop class, so I will not grade this assignment on your Photoshop skills, but rather on your concept for the visual metaphor. Be sure to include a small product shot and a short tagline. The metaphor must be the dominant element in the ad, not the product shot. If you cant find a product shot online, just include a logo, or type the name of the product very prominently. Make your assignment look like a professional ad in a magazine. Save your file, and export a .JPG file. Post a first-draft in the Module 5 Discussion forum for reciprocal, constructive feedback from classmates and instructor. Incorporate any changes suggested by your classmates if you feel it will improve your work, and post a revised draft in the Module 6 Discussion forum, for more reciprocal, constructive feedback. Incorporate any last-minute changes before uploading your final project solution to the Assignment 3 submission button (click Submit Assignment above). Criteria: Solution is a print ad for a product sold in drugstores ONLY. Visual Metaphor Print Ad Project Assignment No solutions for other types of products or services are allowed. Solution consists of a VISUAL (not verbal) metaphor. Metaphorical solution is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the condition or product being expressed, yet shares one or more CHARACTERISTICS IN COMMON. Must be a non-human image to symbolize the condition or product. Avoids the happy face and sad face icons, as well as the no symbol. Avoids a direct and/or vulgar message. Avoids showing toilets or someone sitting on a toilet. Avoids showing the human body or any of its parts. Avoids a before-and-after composition; instead, composition consists of a single, strong image. Contains a small product shot and short tagline. Resembles a professional print ad in a magazine. Student posts first- and revised-drafts in the Module 5 and 6 Discussions, respectively, and participates in a critique. Assignment is submitted as a .JPG or .PDFNOT in any other format. Visual Metaphor Print Ad Project Assignment

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