Volunteerism in Society

Volunteerism in Society

1. Objectives: This report will help you reflect on your volunteerism experience and ensure that youve completed the volunteer placement requirement. 2. Requirements: I. Cover page: (5 marks) Include the course name, your name, your section number, due date, professors name, volunteer organizations name, and your volunteer positions name. II. The Volunteer experience: Explain what you did during the 20 hours you volunteered. Answer the following: 1. What type of work/tasks did you complete? (2 marks) Move and arrange food, site planning. 2 volunteer activities: dinner for the Chinese community Ottawa Chinese temple fair 2. What did you learn? (2 marks) 3. How will this experience help in your future career? (2 marks) 4. What did you like about the experience? (2 marks) 5. What did you not like about the experience? (2 marks) III. Volunteer Management: 1. Was the organization professional, warm and welcoming? Explain your answer? (2 marks) 2. Describe the orientation and training that you received? If you did not receive any orientation of training, describe what should/could have been done. (4 marks) ?????training 3. Describe the feedback that they provided? If you did not receive any feedback, describe what should/could have been done. (2 marks) 4. Describe the incentives that they offered? If you did not receive any incentives, describe what you could have received. (2 marks) 5. Did they try to keep you on as a volunteer for the future? (1 mark) 6. What would you do differently if you were responsible for managing the volunteers within this organization? You cannot answer nothing. You must come up with some suggestions as no volunteer management program is perfect. (4 marks) 3. Report Presentation : All reports must be typed and professionally presented (stapled no binders). Provide a heading for each section. The report must include the cover page as described above.

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