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ESSAY: Reflection on differences in media (1,500 words) Overview We live in a world that is characterised by differences. This is greatly evident in a region like Greater Western Sydney; one of the fastest growing regional economies in Australia. But how are differences manifested in the way in which the media represents Australia? Commonly, people may develop their understanding of how society operates through their consumption of popular culture, offset by the way in which popular media conveys such messages. In this essay, you will be required to undertake the following practical activities before writing your essay: Suggest a problem statement regarding a specific marginalised community or with inclusivety in general. Use key unit concepts and / or readings to support your argument. You might note how this applies to a real world challenges experienced by this community or in supporting cultural humility/ diversity in general. Then mindfully watch a total of six hours of commercial television (eg Channel 7, 9, 10) , non-commercial television (eg SBS & NITV) or other pop media such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube looking for two samples to support your argument. Offer a comparative analysis of two media samples that exemplify the following: Sample 1: Upholds dominant discourse and possibly disempowers difference. Address the following: 1) Describe your example (Where did you find it? What was the program called? etc) 2) Explain how cultural differences is represented? 3) How did this uphold dominant discourses and possibly disempower difference? Sample 2: Promotes a better opportunity for alternative voices to be heard. Address the following: 4) Describe the sample (Where did you find it? What was the program called? etc) 5) Why does the inclusiveness of cultural differences promote a better opportunity for alternative voices to be heard? Finally, discuss how how media outlets can help develop practical strategies to promote working with cultural d- ifferences? Use examples from research / policy / practice; which may include points developed from the REFOCUS discussions undertaken in tutorials. Include a minimum of three (3) reference sources. This can be from your readings or other readings you find. In addition to your three references do not forget to cite your media samples. Use APA style.

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