We would like to thank you for your

Dear Candidate, We would like to thank you for your application for the position of. Section Head Revenue Assurance as the position considered leadership role, you are requested to prepare a 15minutes presentation for the hiring committee explaining your key achievements in your current and previous roles as well as demonstrating your leadership style and approach in handling position Section Head Revenue Assurance key accountabilities. Your presentation will be followed by a discussion with the committee. In your presentation you should cover but not limited to-the following key Section Head Revenue Assurance accountabilities areas: Sr. Areas Description 1 Your personality Your strength, areas for developments and what are you doing towards closing the gaps. 2 Overall view of the function Describe the strength of the function, areas of improvements and how you could develop those areas. What will be the main challenges and what the support you may require? 3 Metering Management Explain your understanding in Metering Management 4 Effective people management Explain your Strategy on how to development team members. 4 Quality Assurance Explain your Strategy on how to Monitor and report on any recognizable trends and/or discrepancies and/or anomalies in meters performance to ensure that customer meters are accurate and meet metering codes and metering regulations 5 IT security Explain your understanding on Important of IT security and adhere to ISO standards. 6 General views What areas should be added/removed from the function and your thinking outside the box.

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