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Consumers were directed to a website or a phone number to get more information. However, the bag did say the following: A good cup of coffee can change your day. A great cup of coffee can help change the world. By supporting farming communities, promoting sound environmental practices and sourcing only the highest quality beans we work to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with our coffee benefits. So while you appreciate the results in your cup, you can also rest assured that this coffee has had a positive impact on every person it has touched which to us makes these little beans a pretty big deal. The main premise of Fair Trade was that farmers were given a guaranteed fair price for their coffee, a guarantee that became particularly appealing to farmers in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the price of coffee fell below the cost of production. For knowledgeable consumers, this was a positive reinforcement knowing that they were helping a social cause even though it was not clear on any bag of Fair Trade coffee just how much farmers were being paid and how much they were profiting. The organization responsible for certifying food products (including coffee) as Fair Trade was the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO). Based in Bonn, Germany, FLO was an umbrella organization that united 20 labeling initiatives in 21 countries and producer networks. But with a market share of Less than 3.8% of the coffee market and 6.1% of the specialty coffee market, and a growth rate that had plunged from 97% in 2003 to 2% in 2007, the leadership of FLO found itself at a crossroads. Pressures were mounting inside and outside the organization to grow market share for Fair Trade certified coffee, and stakeholders were divided on how best to do this. Coffee Industry Coffee was the worlds second most valuably traded commodity, second only to oil. More than 2 billion cups of coffee were consumed every day. According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the size of the retail market for coffee was over $70 billion in sales per year. An estimated 17- 20 million families in more than 50 developing countries produced and sold coffee. More than 80% of all coffee was produced by smallholder farmers, those who farmed on 2 hectares or less of land which yielded between 15 and 30 bags. In many producing

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