What are the scientific factors that are causing the issue?

Perform an internet search to identify an instance of environmental pollution in your state. Use the example you found and the imaginary scenario provided below to complete the assignment. Scenario: There is a concern about environmental pollution in your state or community. Because of your expertise as an environmental scientist, you have been invited to be a panelist at a town hall meeting in which you will present an overview of the issue. The audience consists of community leaders, members of the scientific community, and some local residents. Create a 5-to 8-slide presentation (Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi, or Sway®) in which you explain the problem from a scientific perspective. Address the following in your presentation: What are the scientific factors that are causing the issue?How is the issue identified? Describe the data associated with the problem.What solutions or opportunities should be explored to address the issue further?Incorporate relevant key words from the Environmental Pollution Key Terms document. Use at least 2 outside references. Format your presentation and references according to APA guidelines.

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