What are the structural

What are the structural hallmarks of the Romanesque style? 2

What are the structural hallmarks of the Romanesque style? 2. Explain why art historians consider pilgrimage and monasticism to be central to the development of the Romanesque architectural style. Be sure to consider why Prof. Paul Crossley would refer to the traffic problem of the Middle Ages when discussing the evolution of Romanesque style. 3. Explain why Durham Cathedral is so central to our understanding of both the Romanesque and the development of the Gothic. Be sure to establish WHY Durham is considered Romanesque and NOT Gothic. 4. What are the structural hallmarks of the Gothic style? 5. Where does the Gothic style first emerge in France in the 1140’s? Who is Abb Suger and what role does he play in the development of the new Gothic style? 6. What is Scholasticism and how does this influence Abb Suger? What particular formal qualities does he hope to incorporate into his newly renovated Abbey Church? 7. Why is Chartres Cathedral such an important example of the evolution of the Gothic style? What evidence do we have of how the Gothic style changed here? For example, look at the Royal portal sculptures at Chartres, how do the figures in Prophets and Ancestors of Christ compare to the sculptures outside of the South transept, in particular, St. Theodore? What has changed? 8. Given that Chartres Cathedral is officially known as the Cathedral of Ntre Dame, (Our Lady), Chartres what can we assume about the iconography here? What does it mean that the iconography is concerned with Christ and his ancestry? What evidence do we have of this?

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