What is the mission the core reason

MARKETING PLAN Section Purpose This is the argument to shape the future for company Must be proactive. This is the mindset to answer any all case studies no matter what is asked the answer lies here so approach any marketing issue the same way (any and all!) Executive Summary Presents a quick overview of the plan for quick management review. SITUATIONAL AUDIT (Where we are) Present Tense Current Situation Environmental Issues 1(Macro (PESTLE) and 2)Micro (TASK/ Stakeholders that can be influenced) 3)Competitive Framework 4) Identify current segmentation target markets, usp, positioning, CRM etc What is the mission the core reason to be in business USP, Mission Statement , key differentiator or value benefit ( what are you offering the customer superior to the competition) The marketing audit that presents the background data on the market, product, competition & distribution. Tools to use are PESTLE factors where we need to react to (Political Economic Social Technological, Legal and environmental ) and then micro variables ( the micro environmental factors we have some influence over : culture employees resellers finance suppliers etc and competition ) Competition is a a substantial section as it is the most influential micro environmental variable which affects firms ability to make money so requires its own section Tools to explain the competitive environment are Positioning Maps Porter 5 forces Generic strategies (Cost, focus or differentiation), key differentiators etc List the segmentation target markets, differentiating factors and positioning and analyse the customer journey here ( as in a well defined customer relationship management process CRM) WE JUST PRESENT THE INFORMATION HERE SW and OT Analysis. Interpret the info above Make a value judgement to evaluate Target markets Differentiation var Competition CRM Existing mix WE INTERPRET THE INFORMATION HERE INTO a SWOT analysis Identifies the companys main strengths & weaknesses & the main opportunities & threats facing the product Strengths Weaknesses internal and Opportunities and threats external. Tools to use are the Marketing Mix present use, Market segmentation, targeting and other aspects like positioning etc. This is the end of the Situational Audit. This is where the profession of marketing leads to a comprehensive analysis of the present situation since we cannot move forward unless we know where we are and what got us here. (Where we want to go ) Objectives & Issues Choose Opp or Threat STRATEGIC direction finalised Defines the companys objectives in the areas of sales, market share & profits, & the issues that will affect these objectives So pick an opportunity identified earlier to exploit or a threat to defend. At this point you will have analyzed the external opportunities / threats and matched them with internal capabilities. This is the strategic element of marketing, Identify best competitive positioning, target market. Tools generic strategies again maybe different. Positioning map. BCG Matrix Ansoff matrix 5 forces etc. TACTICS Choose Mix, Target Competitive Positioning Presents the broad marketing approach that will be used to achieve the plans objectives. This phase is the tactical side, the implementation as in the communication of the value benefit ( what customer solution) through the various communication touchpoints (the marketing mix) superior to the competition to gain loyal customers Marketing Implementation. Tactical use of marketing mix Integrated Marketing Communications Specifies what will be done, who will do it, when it will be done & at what cost This is a detailed examination of the proposed marketing mix to include price place product ( value benefit) promotion plus people process physical environment if a service Promotion here could require a substantial plan in its own right ( Digital platforms branding PR Sponsorship etc) Budgets A projected profit & loss statement that forecasts the expected financial outcomes of the plan. Controls KPIs Metrics Indicates how the progress of the plan will be monitored. Sales Web visits Awareness etc The plan provide the tentpoles and the tools are hooks to hang the argument

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