Write a report explaining

Write a report explaining why Jan

Write a report explaining why Jan may be encountering the difficulties he is facing and to make recommendations as to how he should proceed, in order to implement this change successfully. Your report should address the following: 1. The people management issues that potentially underpin the difficulties Jan is facing (30 marks) 900 words. 2. The steps that Jan should take in the short and medium term, to get the launch of the new product back on track (40 marks) 1200 words. 3. The leadership style(s) that Jan should adopt in this process, including the reasons why (20 marks) 600 words 4. Any decisions or support that might be needed at board level to help improve this situation (10 marks) 300 words. Your answer should be written as a report, with headings and sub-headings. You should draw on and reference theories of leadership and change management

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