Write your answer to each of the tutorial questions

Write your answer to each of the tutorial questions specified as being assessed.Plagiarism is a breach of academic integrity and may result in a grade of ZERO and a report ofAcademic Misconduct.Your final submission is due between Friday of week 6 and the final cut-off is Friday of week 7, i.e. 15May at 12 midnight.Tutorial question Week 2 German luxury carsQ2. Apply a PESTEL analysis to BMW, Mercedes Benz or Audi (note: the same opportunities andthreats will apply to each of them)Tutorial question Week 3 Zara caseQ1. Examine the Zara mini-case and identify their Tangible and Intangible resources.Tutorial question Week 4 Apple vs Samsung mini-caseQ2. Using Apple, demonstrate how the differentiation strategy can be well implemented.Tutorial question Week 5 TESCO PLCQ3. Identify the competitive behaviour responses of Tesco to build or defend its competitiveadvantages and to improve its market position.)

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