You are a call centre manager with

ou are required to prepare and conduct a performance review meeting based on the scenario below: You are a call centre manager with Botox UK who have an established six monthly performance management/review system which aligns to a bonus system. You are due to conduct a review meeting using that scheme with one of your staff who, after a five year period of hitting all sales targets, has only managed to achieve 50% of her target during the last six month period. You are required to: Prepare for this meeting using the review form provided Conduct the meeting (15 minutes) Complete the review form Reflect on the outcomes of the review, producing a short statement (approximately 200 words) explaining your effectiveness in achieving this outcome, and how this could be improved on a future occasion. Prepare KPIs for call center and you can use the internet to evaluate the candidate and which factors that you are going to use. Your review meeting will be observed by your tutor and recorded using the attached observation record. so, all I need 3 things : 1.prepare PERFORMANCE REVIEW FORM BOTOX COMPANY on the attachments 2. reflect statement 3. call center KPIs

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