You are employed as

You are employed as a Market Research Team for Digital Marketing Solutions

ASSESSMENT TASK 4: APP PITCH (DIGITAL SERVICE SOLUTION) Aligned subject learning outcomes Explain the importance of marketing in a sustainable environment Identify the differences between service and product marketing Explain business and consumer marketing Group or individual Group Weighting 45% Due date Assessment task 4 Marketing Report and App Proposal (45%) ASSESSMENT TASK 4: DESCRIPTION PART 1: You are employed as a Market Research Team for Digital Marketing Solutions. Digital Marketing Solutions [DMS] is a company that specializes in digital marketing for food and beverage service providers. As highlighted in your BLOG assessment instructions, a service product is classified as one that has a degree/balance of tangible and intangible attributes/ features. Many of the attributes cannot be touched, smelled, or tasted by the customer prior to consumption. Thus, service products with a higher proportion of intangible attributes are more difficult to assess on important features including aspects of service quality. During your service experience (visit to the caf as a mystery shopper), you experienced the service offerings as if you were a customer (attended a caf and ordered a meal/drink). During the experience you observed the cafs performance using the 4Ps of marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), the 3Ps of service (Process, People, Physical Evidence), and any sustainable marketing activities used by the service product. The second phase of the project asks you as a group (3-5) of marketing executives of DMS to produce a marketing report and a proposal for a digital application (an App) that will address one of the weaknesses identified in the first phase of the project (the BLOG). You will use the combined primary research from your findings as a mystery shopper and secondary research to produce the marketing report and app proposal. The report will include a situation analysis and a brief mock-up storyboard of your chosen App. Use these observations and the following guidelines to produce your APP PITCH (DIGITAL SERVICE SOLUTION). The APP PITCH (DIGITAL SERVICE SOLUTION) should successfully do the following: Show your understanding of the service environment and the marketing situation (including strengths and weaknesses), marketing environment, target markets, segmentation and positioning of the caf business Identify sustainable marketing practices being used by the caf or make recommendations if the caf is not using sustainable marketing Identify and write a story board for an app that provides a solution to a weakness in the service product (your caf) In producing your marketing report and app proposal it is important that you: Undertake secondary research and summarise your findings in the report. You will call on your observational (primary) research from your mystery shopper experience to support the findings from the secondary research. App Proposal Guidelines/Format The marketing report and app proposal must be written in the third person and include each of the following elements. The report is formal and must also include a title page, contents, page numbering and referencing. Title Page: include a title, your name, student ID, prepared for and by, and the subject code Table of Contents: include page numbers 1.0 Introduction: write a brief introduction to include the purpose, scope, data sources, limitations and plan of the proposal [3-4 sentences /100 150 words 2.1 Description of live case caf: VERY BRIEFLY describe the service product (caf) environment in a marketing context using features of the servicescape/physical evidence; unique service characteristics (e.g. perishability; inseparability; intangibles etc.) (Refer Ch. 9) Are there features unique to this service product? [100 200 words] Because we have 5 the different restaurants so this part u mentioned about what is the similar points all of 5 restaurants, For example: Subway, Mc Donalds and So Pho everything is fine and quite good ( taste, service, the quality etc,.) Anything good point or bad points anything just mentioned 2.4 Target Market, Strategy and Positioning: 2.4.1 The service product may attract a number of market segments. You are required to profile ONE market segment that may be the main target market the firm attracts to deliver the value proposition. Use appropriate segmentation variables to provide a concise but distinct profile of the market segment (a table is useful to present data for this activity and then support in writing with a brief description, see segmentation handout on LearnJCU) [150 250 words] BECAUSE I choose Mc Donalds so this part just only need to mentioned about Mc Donald but u should follow thiss table, it will help people easier to understand. 2.4.2 Target: Which target marketing strategy is used? And why? (Refer Ch. 7, p.222) [150 200 words] This part also focused on Mc Donalds only. This one is the example from last semester 2.4.1 Market segment Table1: Segmentation Variables Market segment Geographic Density Urban area (Tai seng) Demographic Generation Generation Y(1977 to 1980s) Age/Gender 30-40/ Similar proportion of Male and Female Occupation Working people, Tourist Income Low-Middle level ($8,846) Psychographic Social class Average level working class Lifestyle Believers &Makers Personality Relax and composure mind people Behavioural Occasion Weekday Benefits Quality Loyalty Status None-Medium The suppliers segmented the markets for having different methods of competing for trade (Dickson&Ginter, 1987). According to the table 1, market segment includes 4 big part, which are geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioural. Geographic part include a location of the store, demographic part includes generation, age, gender, and income, psychographic include social class, lifestyle, and personality, and behavioural include occasions, benefits, and loyalty status. OSBKT provide services and goods to wide range of the generation, but the main target of the OSBKT is GenerationY male and female who are 30-40 years old. The target market means that this market has potential of great profit (Malhotra et al, 2008). Because of their job, they may visit the OSBKT on weekday lunchtime or after work. Therefore, they want to enjoy comfortable and cozy atmosphere as their characteristic. Also, their income class is low-middle class, so the reasonable price of the OSBKT is very attractive to people who do not want to pay high price for their dining. The low-middle class of the income means that income of the household is over $8,846 (Bryan, 2017). The other alternative group is tourists who want to try bak kut teh in Singapore. The customers do not think much, and just follow the other customers, or visit this store with their family. Thus, their lifestyle is believers and makers. Believer means that customers have low resources and follow the other customers favor rather than try new things, and maker means that focus on family relationship rather than spending high amount of money (Bhasin, 2017). 2.4.2 Target Marketing strategy Target marketing strategy can make the method more efficient to provide the goods and service for wide range of different consumer groups. Target marketing strategy includes four elements which are undifferentiated marketing, differentiated marketing, concentrated targeting, and customized marketing. OSBKT chose the differentiated marketing strategy to target the customers with various kinds of menu. Differentiated marketing means that the company decide to provide the specific marketing mixes to appeal all or some of the market segments (Chand, n.d.). For example, OSBKT provide not only bak kut teh, but they offer many different menu such as pork belly noodle, dry pigs tendon, and braised pork noodle. Furthermore, they have souvenir for tourists, it means that they target not only local people, also tourists group.

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