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Individual Assignment The Leadership Change Challenge Question What is a change leadership challenge? Answer You are expected to look at an episode of organisational change and explore what this means for those leading the change. This might very well not involve a change in leadership. In other words, the challenge may be associated with the change in leadership OR the challenge leadership is facing because of change. Questions The question states a significant change challenge you have experience of can we write on a company we havent been a part of but well aware of the leadership change challenge? Would you advise us to choose an example of a leadership change challenge with our own experience and less available (hard) facts, or an example we have no personal experience with but with more facts available? Answer You do not need to have worked in the company concerned, but it is much preferable to use an example that you have first-hand experience of. You gain marks from the quality of your analysis, not from description. Questions Can organisation also be understood as just one part of a company, e.g. one business unit or one department? Does the hierarchy level matter on which the leadership challenge takes place (e.g. on CEO, department, or team leader level)? Answer The answer is depends on the context: size of unit/department and type of change i.e. a small size and /or incremental type of change might not be a fertile ground for the type of leadership analysis you are required to develop. However, you can choose whichever level of the hierarchy seems most appropriate for you to engage in critical reflection and analysis. Question When selecting an organization that went through a significant change, does the change need to be recent or can we select an organization that went through a change in previous years?

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