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MANG 4401 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUAL Assignment (25 Marks) (Weightage 25 out of total course marks) Submission Week: 11th week of the semester. You are required to choose any Omani company and prepare a strategic report. Select any crucial aspect (problem area) of a company, apply any strategic model and suggest possible improvements, and write a strategic report. Areas to be covered in the report: 1. Write the vision, mission, objectives, strategies and values of the company.2. Apply any strategic method, model or tool to the problem set (after discussing with the teacher). For example, applicability of Porters 5 forces Model on online businesses. Or Competitor Analysis of the firm along with internal and external factor analysis. (Refer to the following site for popular tools 3. Identify the business strategy used by the company to achieve competitive advantage 4. Clearly identify the organizational resources, value chain, diversification, structure, competencies and capabilities.5. Identify and analyze stakeholder management strategies and techniques.6. Suggest improvement or suitable solution for the case. IMPORTANT: The analysis must be based on latest data available, 2016 and 2017 only. Refer following links for analysis and discussion part. The assignment would be assessed and evaluated using Safe assign mode in Blackboard. You are required to quote the exact reference (APA style) of the source, or collected data. Plagiarism (taking info/ imitation/presenting data or information/ presenting views/opinion/without reference to the original (online or other) source). Plagiarism will be penalized as per the College regulation. Notes: 1. Before selecting any company discuss with your teacher.2. The report should be written in 1500 to 2500 words (Times New Roman Font, 12 Font Size, and 1.5-line spacing) 3. The assignment will carry 25% of the total marks for the course 4. Students found cheating or copying the report of others will be penalized 5. All outside material used must be fully referenced at the end of your report. Referencing begins with the author, year of publication, title, publisher, and finally the page numbers. If correct referencing is not given, it will be considered as an act of plagiarism and an act of cheating 6. You can use your books and the handouts for writing your report. However, you are warned not to copy the text verbatim from the book or handouts 7. Your report and presentation will be assessed on the basis of its quality, originality, the use of strategic management theories and concepts 8. Copying and pasting from the internet will be heavily penalized.9. The teacher might reject your selected company as too many projects are submitted on top companies like Toyota cars, Samsung mobiles (Galaxy), Coca Cola, Pepsi, Bank Muscat, Omantel, ASafwah milk and Juices, Shell Oil, Oman Air, Toshiba computers (reason: high possibility of plagiarism, many students have already done it before). Assessment Criteria & Learning Outcomes: To show the ability to describe and apply the concepts of strategic management. To show the ability to define, state in writing, and analyze problems using the knowledge given in class and obtained from books, handouts, the internet and other sources To show the ability to critically fine tune the vision, mission, objectives, strategies, values and organizational thrust to meet the changing business landscape To analyze critically, state and agree upon findings, reach conclusions, and generate recommendations. To show the ability to identify and use competitive advantage, develop capabilities, competencies and manage change. To reflect the ability to apply a well-structured coherent plan. To show the ability to work independently, consult and use creativity to solve organizational survival and competitive problems. Marking criteria: (written report+PPT+Interview/presentation) Written report: 15 marks S. No. Criteria Marks 1 Cover Page (including overall format and Table of Contents) 1 2 Introduction and Background of the company (B2B or B2C description) 1 3 Brief description of Vision and Mission 1 4 Identification of Strategies adopted by the company 2 5 Models applied/Strategic Tools used for analysis 3 6 Analysis of Strategies adopted by the company 2 7 Overall Case discussion or sequence of writing report 2 8 Conclusion and Recommendations 2 9 References 1 Total 15 PPT/ Presentation: 5 marks (Based on teachers discretion) S. No. Criteria Marks 1 Properly formatted PPT 1 2 Specific Bulleted points (No copying and pasting of theory) 2 3 Specific Charts or Data (Trend analysis, Peer Group Comparison) 2 Total 5 Interview: 5 marks (Based on teachers discretion) S. No. Criteria Marks 1 Description of the case/company (no reading from piece of paper) 1 2 Description of analysis/tools adopted 1 3 Query answers 3 Total 5

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