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Guidelines for Research Project Assignment OVERALL, you must carry out a research. There is no need to describe how research is done. Just carry out the research on your selected topic following the recommended structure below Title page Abstract/ Summary You should write this part only when you have completed the research because it will contain the research question(s), the variables (population, sample) you have selected, methods you have used to implement the research and the results / findings of your research. Table of Contents This should be an automatic table of contents Introduction This should provide a brief overview of your topic together with the objectives of your research. Note that the last paragraph in your introduction could provide an outline of the structure of your research report (e.g. The remainder of this research report is structured as follows: Section 1 discusses the rationale for the selection of this topic. Section 2 ). Importance of the Study Here you need to identify the factors that contribute to your research project selection. For example, your interest or experience, the topic is a current issue affecting people Literature Review Critically discuss the findings of other relevant publications in your research area. Use the Harvard style referencing at all time. You may use Google Scholar or other relevant materials for your research. (You must discuss at least 20 articles RELEVANT to your research This might be equivalent to 20 paragraphs) Theoretical Proposition/ Research specification Based on the literature review, you will now formulate research questions. For example, there may be a general consensus among researchers (in your literature review) that recession has a negative impact on businesses. You may want to research on the impact of recession in a particular business, or industry, or even a region. Specify these research questions here form paragraphs Research Design & Research Methods Building on the research specification, you have to explain your chosen research approach (deductive and/or inductive). You also need to establish a step-by-step plan for your research (including techniques you will apply questionnaires, interviews, observation etc). Preliminary results If you have used questionnaires, for example, you may want to tell the reader how the process went. Did you get all questionnaire completed. What are the demographic characteristics of respondents, etc If you have used secondary data, did you get all data you were looking for? Present them here in tables. Results and Discussion In this section you should discuss your findings, demonstrating how outcomes meet set research objectives and research specification above. This section should be coherent and communicated in a logical sequence. Limitation of the Research and Areas of Further Consideration In this part, you should critically evaluate research methodologies and processes in application to a business research project to justify chosen research methods and analysis. It should also discuss merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis. Conclusion Appendices References

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